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Speed Up Your Ten Fingers Keyboard Typing

How to quickly learn to type with ten Fingers – Talking about typing, I would like to invite all citizens of the world together learn typing ten fingers. My friend said to me “Why should typing with

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Review

Experiments undesirable: Special requirements have to be considered for ergonomic keyboards. This has been achieved with the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard – one of the best that Microsoft has ever built. After nearly four years, Microsoft has launched

Tips Make Your Laptop Keyboard More Durable

The keyboard on the laptop is a component that is often touched by the user. Taken from various sources, here’s how to take care of laptop keyboard for this device can be more durable. Keyboards covered with

10 Useful Objects That Can You Create From Keyboard Buttons

The keyboard is an input device which is one of the computer hardware and has a variety of keys and has different functions depending on which key presses can produce and process in accordance with our wishes.

5 Most Expensive Computer Keyboard

A computer is one of the products of technology that is needed for humans at this time. When it comes to computers, there is certainly one important part that can not be separated from it, namely the

Explain Keyboard Key Function from F1 to F12

The function keys on your laptop or computer not only serve as a complement to the keyboard only, but also has the function button functions vary from one another. Lots of function keys with their respective criteria,

Review Cherry MX Speed Switches Gaming keyboard

Many manufacturers of gaming keyboards rely on quality switches the German manufacturer Cherry. We have looked at the Cherry MX switches Speed Silver The latest technology in the test and tell you where mechanical keyboards, the switches

How To Clean Laptop Keyboard Using Vacuum Cleaner

I think small vacuum cleaner for a laptop is not the effective way to clean up your notebook keyboard. So I using big vacuum cleaner (for home equipment). Before you remove the dust from every single keyboard

Penna: Bluetooth keyboard with retro style

It looks like a typewriter and also feels like a classic one. But it has some modern features on board. The mechanical clicking of typewriter keyboards is music in the ears of retro fans and people who