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How to Prevent Failed Download in IDM

Failure to download in IDM can be caused by many things, whether it is a virus contained in a file that is downloaded or a network that is not good. Regardless of what causes it, I will

Make Money Online: Internet Business Models

Money on the net can be earned faster than ever before. But not every method is suitable. Here are the best options at hand. Sitting comfortably at home, watching the work of the sofa flush the euro

Easy Technique Windows 10 PC as Hotspot

Many easy ways to get free internet through a hotspot, one of them by utilizing Windows 10 PC. How to do it? There are two ways you can turn it into a mobile hotspot. First, click the

Tips repair internet connection problem

The Internet is one of the important things that is needed nowadays. Almost everyone today is relying on the internet to ease their work. However, what if your internet connection suddenly died? Here’s how you can do

Speed Up Windows 10 Browser Using SpeedyFox

Google Chrome is currently the most widely used browser for Windows operating systems. Although there are some new browsers claimed to be faster than Chrome released (eg Vivaldi and Edge), Chrome still leads the market by beating

What is the Difference Between Mbps vs MB/s?

Look same, but exactly different, this post will explain what is the difference between Mbps vs MBps. Mbps stands for megabits per second, and is, in addition to the basic unit bps , further kbps and Gbps

Thecus N8910: 2U Rackmount NAS for up to 10TB

Thecus presents the new N8910 a new 2U rackmount NAS, which is designed for up to 10 terabytes of storage space. In the new Thecus N8910, up to eight 3.5-inch hard drives can be installed. Inside, a

US Operator Create 5G Foundation Technology in 2 Cities

Operator from the United States, AT & T is preparing the foundation for the use of wireless 5G technologies in Austin, Texas, and Indianapolis. On Wednesday, the telecom giant said that it would launch “5G Evolution” in

Got New Logo, Mozilla Push Internet Freedom

Last year, Mozilla, Internet company primarily known for his Firefox browser, begin the process of rebranding by allowing the public to provide input and comments regarding the new logo they wish to use. Mozilla provides several options

Another Nail in The Coffin of Flash

Million computers are now less sure: As of September also Google’s Chrome browser will default to block almost all Flash elements. 12 July 2016 was an exceptionally lousy day for Adobe. At that time the company had