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MG05ACA800: Toshiba’s hard drive server reach 8 TBytes

Toshiba has now also taken the hurdle of 8Tbytes of storage capacity in the class of enterprise hard drives. The 3.5-inch drive is called MG05ACA800 and uses the interface SATA 6 Gb / s. A suitability for

Hardware Trends 2017 Hard Drive & SSD

No matter whether it is a data store or a backup solution for your personal data: We show what is important for hard drives.   If you want to extend your PC or notebook, for example, you

Seagate Introduces Special External HDD Amazon Drive

A new external HDD, with name Duet, released by one of the renowned manufacturers of HDD, Seagate. In accordance with the name of “Duet” that it has, this product is the result of Seagate collaboration with other

Top 5 Best Brands Hard Drive and Its Durable

Hard disk, an external data storage and an internal computer that has a vital function. Currently, there are many brands of hard drives that are made by producers, among the many outstanding hard drives, only a few

Seagate Innov8 External Hardisk Power from USB

Innov8 is Seagate external desktop hardisk with a capacity of eight terabytes. In addition to large capacity, Seagate Innov8 has other advantages in terms of power supply. When an external hard disk is usually a desktop class

Western Digital Adds Helium Filled WD Gold 10 TB HDD

Western Digital introduced hard drives Helium filled: WD Gold 10TB HDD for medium class. According to WD, it offering high performance compared to its predecessor along with low power consumption. The new 10 TB WD gold Namely

Powerful HDD Western Digital Black 6TB

In the growth of SSD (Solid State Drive) today, of course, it will not make the storage media HDD (Hard Disk Drive) will be excluded. In addition to a more spacious capacity offered, the price much cheaper

Did You Know Who was the First Hard Disk Drive Inventor?

A hard disk drive is a very important component in the world of technology, especially computers. This device is used to store data more safely and easily. But, before you carry an external hard disk drive 5

RAID Disk Failure: What to do in order to Save Data?

Sometimes the devil is a squirrel. Namely, when in a network storage hardware is broken. The first step which also benefits the most expensive RAID nothing. In the acronym RAID (Redundant Array of Indipendent discs) the word