Seagate Introduces Special External HDD Amazon Drive

A new external HDD, with name Duet, released by one of the renowned manufacturers of HDD, Seagate. In accordance with the name of “Duet” that it has, this product is the result of Seagate collaboration with other companies, in this case, Amazon. This HDD is specifically presented to support the Amazon cloud storage services , namely Amazon Drive.

Auto synchronization with Amazon Drive


Duet Seagate HDD is present in the form of a standard 2.5-inch external HDD with 1 TB capacity and a USB 3.0 interface. The label on the HDD shows that basically, this HDD is Seagate Backup Plus Slim equipped with a special application to the Amazon Drive. So far, there is no information that the HDD is available in any other capacity.

Duet Seagate is equipped with a special application which enables it to perform automatic synchronization with Amazon Drive. So, when the user moves a file into this Duet HDD Seagate, automatically file is also uploaded to Amazon Drive. Similarly, when users upload files to Amazon Drive, the files are automatically downloaded to the HDD.

Only Available at Amazon


So far, the Duet Seagate HDD is only available on Amazon, through pre-order, at a price of USD 100. The price includes a subscription called Amazon Drive for one year, at USD 60. It may be, indeed HDD will only be available in Amazon course since this is a product of collaboration with Amazon Seagate specifically designed for cloud storage one of the world’s giants of the Internet.

Top 5 Best Brands Hard Drive and Its Durable

Hard disk, an external data storage and an internal computer that has a vital function. Currently, there are many brands of hard drives that are made by producers, among the many outstanding hard drives, only a few are quite the most powerful, good quality and most widely used by computer users.

To the topic of the article, here are some brands of hard drives with the best quality and most widely in use which we summarized from various sources.

1. Seagate


Seagate is a multinational company headquartered in Scotts Valley California. They were able to sell a lot of the hard drive in the world, the company is one of the largest hard drive manufacturers in the world.

Established in 1979 Seagate hard drives until now so many of us encounter, generally in the use of PCs, servers, laptops digital video recorder, to the station gaming devices such as Xbox 360, Playstation 4 and more.

Seagate is well known for having the transfer speed is super fast, reliable and durable to use for 24 hours online.


2. Hitachi


Next, at number two is Hitachi (HGST), which is a major hard drive manufacturer. Hitachi, we often encounter on a laptop Asus, Acer is known to have no excess heat quickly and a large cache, but it has shortcomings in battery consumption is quite wasteful

3. Western Digital


Western Digital hard drive that uses USB 3.0 or above, have been supported by three pieces of software like SmartWare, and WD WD security utilities.

With USB 3.0, Western Digital My Passport Ultra with a capacity of 1 TB successfully tested with excellent results – the hard drive is able to transfer data at 6 GB in less than 2 minutes. Super fast !!

WD is well known has the advantage of super fast transfer speeds at a grade of USB 3.0 and has featured cloud backup and security, supported the facility features password.

4. Toshiba


From the test results, Toshiba’s performance in class 1 TB have a fairly strong performance, not so hot, but it has shortcomings in the performance of random read fairly small.

5. Samsung


Fifth, Samsung is also a brand of the hard drive are quite popular. Samsung hard disk on the latest technology, it’s designed with a scratch-resistant material, so it remains safe from scratch and has performance data transfer faster.

That is the best hard drive 5 brands most good quality. Hopefully useful and can add to our knowledge, especially for those of you who are looking for the best hard drive brand information to use.

Seagate Innov8 External Hardisk Power from USB

Innov8 is Seagate external desktop hardisk with a capacity of eight terabytes. In addition to large capacity, Seagate Innov8 has other advantages in terms of power supply. When an external hard disk is usually a desktop class requires a separate power supply to be connected directly to the grid, not the case with Seagate Innov8. External hard disk is getting enough power supply from the USB port.


This is possible thanks to the combination of technology called Ignition Boost and USB 3.1 plus USB Type-C. The use of Type-C USB port also makes the process of connecting the device to the desktop PC or laptop becomes much easier. USB Type-C reversible so users do not need to pay attention to the orientation too.

Western Digital Adds Helium Filled WD Gold 10 TB HDD

Western Digital introduced hard drives Helium filled: WD Gold 10TB HDD for medium class. According to WD, it offering high performance compared to its predecessor along with low power consumption. The new 10 TB WD gold Namely major Western Digital hard drive for data centers and will compete with the similars hard drive with big capacities such as Seagate and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies.


WD Drive Gold 10 TB (WD101KRYZ) participated in a sealed, 3.5″ platform with 8 TB WD gold, which is available earlier this year. The new drives are based on many others (perpendicular magnetic recording) Plates, it has a speed of rotation of 7200 rpm, and twice the cache size to 256 MB of DRAM and it is based on the interface SATA 6 Gigabit per second (for this, WD does not provide gold hard drive with SAS interface).

The new new model of Western Digital adds Helium Filled on WD Gold 10 TB HDD for a variety of server software, including small and medium machine, and rack mount enclosures designed data center servers and storage. Like a promotional campaign is optimized for RAID environments and supports Raff promote technologies that protect against vibration (with linear and rotational vibration control by means of real time), as well as the location of the head with a two-motor system, improving the layout accuracy. In addition, WD Gold 10 TB also supports a limited time error recovery technology (TLER), which prevents drive fallout caused by the extended error hard disk drive recovery operation.


The 8TB WD gold was released earlier this year has appeared designed with well performance and energy efficiency optimization and gold WD 10 TB hard drive for further improved. Drive 10 TB 249 MB/sec transfer speed continuous distributed sequentially (up to 205 MB/sec in the case of Form 8 TB). In addition, the maximum power consumption of 10 TB WD gold Ie 7.1 W (less than 7.4 W 8 TB models, and much less than 8.6 watts consumed by Ultrastar He10 Hitachi Global Storage Technologies).

Western Digital did not reveal details about how they were able to improve the performance and energy efficiency, but that is logical to assume that the increase in density, expanded cache, disk and electronic officials more. As for reliability, such as a series of other gold WD hard drive, it is assessed that new for 2.5 million hours MTBF, and is equipped with 550TB of writing in workload Generics in the classification, which is in the writing speed rated allot 100 minutes to write a full consecutive days ,

Helium Filled WD Gold 10 TB HDD is available in the selection of distributors or resellers in United States at price $847.99.

Powerful HDD Western Digital Black 6TB

In the growth of SSD (Solid State Drive) today, of course, it will not make the storage media HDD (Hard Disk Drive) will be excluded. In addition to a more spacious capacity offered, the price much cheaper than any large SSD capacity. In addition, some manufacturers have also started offering the latest HDD products increasingly improved performance.

WD Black 6TB
WD Black 6TB

One of the products described above may be contained in one of the models belonging to WD (Western Digital) this time. The leading manufacturers in the hard disk drive world, WD release a new collection of one of its HDD models, the WD Black. WD Black officially add their collections with the highest capacity today, 6TB. And now, the storage device was eventually stopped by our test table.

Almost all of the PC enthusiast, especially for gamers, is very familiar with this one. Yes! WD Black is designed for users who have high-performance computers or PC Gaming. At WD Black we tested, this time, has a capacity of 6TB. This capacity is the most current highest for WD Black. Of course, in addition, it can be used as a system, massive-capacity HDD can be used also to store various data.

HDD capacity of 6TB WD Black has a rotation speed up to 7200 RPM with a cache size of 128 MB. HDD is claimed to have dual stage actuator technology is paired with a SATA 6 Gbps interface and an integrated dual processor. So the HDD is claimed not only able to offer a large capacity but also able to provide powerful!

Do you want to know more about the performance of WD Black based on our test results? Before we go into these segments, we describe the following prior testing platforms that we use.


Entering the testing segment HDD 6TB WD Black, I’ve included the results of the testing of other products, the WD Gold. It is only intended as a comparison only. And following the results of the performance shown by this 6TB WD Black.


Read: Wester Digital Black 6TB is faster than WD Gold 8TB


Write: Western Digital Black 6TB is faster than WD Gold 8 TB

In the HD Tune test, it turns out the latest from WD hard disk Black this one does have the average speed is high enough.

We try to transfer 6GB file, WD Black need about 30 seconds.


Through this new variant of HDD, WD trying to provide the latest solutions to users, especially for the PC enthusiasts who need a high-performance HDD. Moreover, WD Black is able to meet the needs of those who use desktop PCs that have the performance of qualified. Besides being able to improve system performance, the work they will certainly be aided by the hard disk speed on this one.

If seen from the performance, WD Black is dedicated to those who need a powerful HDD, in addition to its field capacity. In addition to the performance capabilities and capacity, the WD also provide warranty that can be fairly interesting, ie 5 years.

Currently, WD and other manufacturers have been providing spacious HDD capacity of up to 6TB. However, based on our personal observations on the market, WD Black 6TB this price is quite expensive. However, the price of which is owned HDD seem quite comparable with the performance it offers.


  • Large capacity
  • High performance


  • Price is high in class capacity of 6TB

Technical Data:

  • Price US$300
  • cache 128 MB
  • Capacity 6TB
  • interface SATA III


Did You Know Who was the First Hard Disk Drive Inventor?

A hard disk drive is a very important component in the world of technology, especially computers. This device is used to store data more safely and easily. But, before you carry an external hard disk drive 5 TB lightly, a man named Reynold B. Johnson, a computer scientist who studied at the University of Minnesota is the inventor of the world’s first hard disk.

Johnson began his career as a high school social science teachers. In 1932, he had an electromechanical device that automatically assesses the test results are marked with a pencil. Currently, the machine was already very common, but once the idea was rejected by the company that made his name, IBM.

In 1934, IBM changed his mind and hired Johnson as a laboratory technician at Columbia University and Endicott. For nearly four centuries of devotion at IBM, Johnson has received more than 90 patents, but the focus is on methods of computer data storage.

When he began his career technician, he had moved to San Jose lab that has a data storage solutions and more efficient. Experiments Johnson and his team continue to run until finally in 1956, IBM sold the first disk drive to Crown Zellerbach.

“That hard disk drive” is made of 24 aluminum magnetic disks with large diameter sizes. The size is very large, but the amount of data stored is only 5 MB.

In addition to the hard disk drive, Johnson also found microphonograph. This is a toy that makes it possible to talk to children when they are appointed or read in the toy.

And in 1986, he received the National Medal of Technology.

Reynold B. Johnson – the inventor of the world’s first hard disk drive


Increase the Disk Space on PC and Laptop

If it is true that new hard drives are getting bigger, it is also true that the photos and videos made with your smartphone more and more, and that in the long run, keep all the media files on your PC can become problematic and require increase the disk space.

In addition, many PC are mounted hard drive older and not so large that they always need to free up space while most newer computers, especially laptops, are equipped with SSD, very fast, they hardly have a top space to 256GB or 512GB.if we always hard problems is low on PC and if these problems concern the only disk in the computer, the disk C :, we see here all the ways to increase the disk space to avoid performance General slow down and to be able to save new files, photos and video without having to delete anything.

If we always hard problems is low on PC and if these problems concern the only disk in the computer, the disk C :, we see here all the ways to increase the disk space to avoid performance General slow down and to be able to save new files, photos and video without having to delete anything.

Disk Cleanup

Without downloading anything, you can use a built-in tool in Windows to delete temporary files and other data as well as the installation files of Windows Update.

To use this tool Disk Cleanup you can search in the Start menu or go in the window Computer, click with the right mouse button on the C drive and press properties.

From the window properties, press the button disk Cleanup.
from the window that opens, select the file types that you want to delete: temporary files, files log, file to the trash, and other important files, and press OK.

Then press the button to clean the system files it is also possible to erase those Windows Update installation file (in this regard, Clean Windows Update to free 4 GB disk space).

From the system file, window cleaning can also press more options to delete all restore points except the last created.

Big Size Softwares

Remove the larger programs by Windows uninstaller, which is located in Control panel > programs and features, sort programs for the occupied and remove the large ones if they are not used or if there are lighter alternatives. for example, Java can be removed as well as Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be replaced with a smaller alternative program.

If you use Windows 10, you can remove the larger programs to PC Settings in the section System -> App and functionality . From here you can either remove the Windows Store applications that normal programs.

Check Disk Space

Check the occupied disk space to know what is using disk space on your PC and easily find the biggest file you can use a program to see how it used the PC’s disk space . Among those listed recommend using WinDirStat that after the scan your system, it makes us see a list of all folders and files sorted according to the space used. Obviously, you should not delete Windows system

For example, Java can be removed as well as Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be replaced with a smaller alternative program. If you use Windows 10, you can remove the larger programs to PC Settings in the section System -> App and functionality . from here you can either remove the Windows Store applications that normal programs.

Temporary Files

Wipe temporary files While the tool disk Cleanup Windows is useful to recover wasted space from file no longer important, does not delete the temporary files used by other programs.

For example, you can not delete temporary files created by Firefox or Chrome, whose data cache can reach also occupy several gigabytes of disk space. For cleaning temporary and those obsolete files you can download Ccleaner, the most popular program for cleaning your computer.


The best way to increase disk space on a computer is, without beam, to add a new unit. So there are two possibilities:

  • Add a secondary hard drive, maybe taken from an old PC.
  • Add new SSD drive, move windows on SSD hard drive and use the old left to save files such as music, videos and photos. in any case, as explained in the guide on how to use the second drive on a PC, you can do several things to keep the disk C :, where to install Windows, more free and empty.

In particular, we can move folders of programs using symbolic links, changing the location of the My Documents, Pictures, Music, and Video Downloads, move the paging file.

  • Use the function compressing drives, files and folders as explained in another article.
  • Use the function Compact OS in Windows 10 to recover disk space
  • Use Cloud Drive services like Google Drive or Onedrive, also allows you to save large files and always keep them available from any PC, without however occupy their disk.


Disk Usage 100 Percent, What Should We Do?

What the… I think, usage disk 100 percent not good for your computer. If this happened to your computer or laptop, it will make us frustrated, slow computer and the worst thing is damage the computer!

So, how to solve this problem? ok, let’s begin!

Slow Performance? Check Disk Usage first

Performance issues, mostly occur due to Search (Windows + Q) to find files and programs, or whatever is on your drive.

To determine whether the problem from here, you can find out by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Task Manager. We need to consider, need a little time to open the Task Manager because of slow computer performance.



Another possible causes


Like most computer problems is slow, the first thing to do is make sure that your computer has not been affected by malware. Antivirus software must be able to handle this issue, it’s more better paid software.

If you not have yet a paid antivirus, at least antivirus from Windows; Windows Defender has been able to deal with this problem if frequently updated, although the drive burden of the scanning process.

If a threat is found, then immediately remove them and restart the computer before the scanning process continued. Hopefully in this way the problem can be resolved. But, if not resolved yet, try the following way

Turning Windows Search off to Boost Disk Performance

Possible problem happens next is Windows Search. There is a bug on Windows 10 and Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 called “search loop”. This increases the load on the system drive.

To stop only for a moment until the Windows reboots, open a Command Prompt (Admin) by left-clicking on the Start Menu and type the command like this:

net.exe stop “Windows search”

To turn off the Windows Search or Indexing permanently, press Win + R and type service.msc, press Enter. In the Service window, locate and open the Windows Search so that it will open the Windows Search Properties. Under Startup type, select Disabled.


Here you can also click Stop to stop the service. Click OK to save the settings.

After a while turn off Windows Search, the performance of Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 will increase. Otherwise you can continue the way below.

Disable XX Service

For some reason, xx service into one disk performance issue that makes a computer slow in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. To resolve this problem, open a Command Prompt and type the command:


net.exe stop superfetch

Again, it took a while to improve the performance of your computer. You must also run Check Disk in the Command Prompt:

chkdsk.exe /f /r

You will be informed if the computer must be rebooted to complete the Check Disk, be sure to close all applications and store data first.

If the way above still does not solve your computer problems, there is a possibility that something else is causing this problem.

Check the Flash

Present day, we’ve rarely saw flash, it’s because they became one of the most vulnerable aspects, there were many attacks originate from Flash. It seems to be one of the most common causes for hard disk usage 100% on Windows 10 and early versions of Windows; 8.1, 8, and 7 when you use the Chrome browser.


Copy this one and paste into browser url (chrome)


You will see the flash player plugin from here, it installed to view flash videos or games.


Click the Disable button on the Adobe Flash Player until it colored gray. Wait a moment and check Task Manager. Performance issues on the system drive will be resolved.

What about… Disk Usage Always 100% ?!

I hope this does not happen to you.


If your computer always show disk usage 100% even when you’re already using all of the above ways, maybe the main cause on your hardware; Hardisk. It’s time to replace it with the now one, or buy a new SSD by online or computer shop outlet near your city.

RAID Disk Failure: What to do in order to Save Data?

Sometimes the devil is a squirrel. Namely, when in a network storage hardware is broken. The first step which also benefits the most expensive RAID nothing.


In the acronym RAID (Redundant Array of Indipendent discs) the word redundancy occurs. Many professional users will be happy equated with “backup”, which often proves to be a variety of reasons over time as an error. Of course, a network attached storage (NAS), often the system work in the disks as a RAID, also be used for backup purposes. Usually there is a NAS from which one then believes that it also secures despite use as memory in daily business all data someday started safely. The classic is certainly the accidentally overwrite a file. In a RAID, which works in any form with mirrored disks, it will simply overwrite the same time in all media; the previous version is gone. And all wonder why despite a supposed Backup former state can no longer be reconstructed. A backup should just preserve the status of all files at a defined time X and not this provide for live performances available.

The hardware fails

hardisk die

Now an overwritten file may indeed be annoying, but with any luck, they can be replenished, because it is still stored on any computer. Dramatic it when suddenly the hardware fails. Namely, in the case of a hard disk, because that is so easily absorbed by RAID. But sometimes so too does the NAS itself is broken. Depending on the model, and failures can be at the right problem. Caught it an external power supply, the problem is solved quickly, commercial devices Rackmount can sometimes also the internal power supply to be replaced. But a defective motherboard can not be replaced easily. The situation is then as follows: It has two or four completely intact disks, theoretically no loss of data, but also no way to appeal to the plates via the normal route. When two HDDs in the mirror composite (RAID 1) it is trivial; a disk is connected via an adapter and USB or possibly even directly to a free SATA port of a PC. As a rule, you can normally access all the data then after starting the computer.

A complex RAID

It becomes difficult, however, more complex RAID structures, so for example, a RAID 5 or RAID 6. Here is missing a PC in a rule, the description of the RAID system is what causes it to spread over the three or four plates stored data may assign. Before now but turns to thousands of Euros to a professional data recovery, it is better to be automatically, unless you own a NAS, which in principle is based on a Linux and actually generates a SoftRAID through the operating system. This category includes, for example, the units of QNAP, Synology, Buffalo, Netgear or Zyxel; in principle, use the most storage solutions of lower and middle price League (also in the professional field) no hardware RAID controller. At first this sounds somewhat theoretical, but has the huge advantage that the disks are formatted in almost all cases, a native Linux filesystem.

Ubuntu as a savior

In principle you need for data recovery is not much more than a PC, to the hard drives of the NAS can be connected. Important is the order in which they should be consistent with the ideally who had the HDDs in NAS. After the physical connection you boot the PC with a Linux, eg Ubuntu. In best case, it can happen that the system already recognizes by itself, that the plates belong to a RAID. And then the kernel the RAID boots with the same, so you directly have access to the data on again. Unless, however, you should not attempt the hard drives to format individually to describe or anything.

What is needed now, superuser rights and the package are mdadm.

Sudo apt-get update

Sudo apt-get install mdadm

Now you look at first with

Fdisk -l

It can be seen here clearly which partitions belong to the payload part of the RAID, in each case the partition 3, thus sda3, sdb3, SDC3 and SDD3. Now it comes to it, assemble the RAID again. This works in our case with

Sudo mkdir / mnt / raid

After the RAID array is then then mounted as disks. In our case we are dealing with a Buffalo-system that uses xfs. So the command line reads

Sudo mount -o ro -t xfs / dev / md0 / mnt / raid

Now you can access the directory RAID access and is usually back against the data. The one should now be copied to another disk and then possibly install the RAID disks in a new NAS empty housing. Here is directed then the RAID from scratch and copy the data back.

Possible problems

It may happen in some cases that the kernel starts the array, but it does not really work. Then you should with

Sudo mdadm -stop / dev / md0

Try to stop the RAID, and only then start the process of reconstruction.


Another problem is physical in nature: you have once only have a computer to which you can connect four hard drives. If one has not to, there are two solutions. Either purchase one four USB to SATA adapter and then connect the panels to via USB. This costs 60 to 100 euros, little is still ridiculous compared to a data recovery service. Or you can first buy a new NAS enclosure and ensures that it can also boot via USB stick. Then you build the hard disks, boot Ubuntu from the stick and attacks via SSH console on the NAS. So you can then run the repair over the network.