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How to Resize a Partition Disk that Can’t be Changed

We know that the hard drive on your computer or laptop will be very easy to manage if the hard drive was partitioned. Definition of partition hard drive disk is divided into several sections. It mean divide

Tutorial External HDD Partition

To manage files more neat and orderly, users can take advantage of the hard drive is already partitioned. By partitioning the hard drive, users can also share the priority drives ranging from system and personal files. There

Most Important Things about Defragment

Defragment, derived from the word “fragment” which means fractional or part, “defragment” may be “reduced fragment”. Why fragment or the Indonesian public is called fragmentation should be reduced? Earlier we discussed the first glimpse of the fragmentation.

Increase the Disk Space on PC and Laptop

If it is true that new hard drives are getting bigger, it is also true that the photos and videos made with your smartphone more and more, and that in the long run, keep all the media

Disk Usage 100 Percent, What Should We Do?

What the… I think, usage disk 100 percent not good for your computer. If this happened to your computer or laptop, it will make us frustrated, slow computer and the worst thing is damage the computer! So,

Can SSD Improves Game Performance than HDD?

The gaming industry is an ever-expanding industry, Along with the transition of the generation, you’ll meet a video game variant that not only appears more realistic but also innovative at the same time. Fun indeed, but changes

Find the perfect external hard drive

External hard disks are ideal for backups and to transport data uncomplicatedly. However, the devices are now available in all possible versions. You should pay attention when buying, so that you have as long as something from

Western Digital: Red and Red Pro series up to 10TB

WD has extended the NAS hard drives of the Red series with models with up to 10 terabytes. The Red and Red Pro hard drives are now available with a storage space size of up to 10

Differences SSD, SSHD and HDD

An SSHD wants to combine the advantages of SSDs and HDDs. We clarify the differences between the three storage media. The following principle has always been the case for hard disks for the PC: An HDD is

Hardisk brands and its plus and minus review

Hard drive is one of the components of the computer is very important. Harddisk very important role in every process performed by computers. If there is no hard drive, a laptop will never be used. Because of