Which is better PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S

Sony and Microsoft have revealed their respective property of their consoles the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Pro S. In both devices, which one is better for you?

As reported by Digital Spy, Wednesday 11/09/2016, here are some reviews about the difference between the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S.

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S


Xbox One S is a new version. The device is claimed to be more slim and better than the previous Xbox One. The focus of this console features a 4K entertainment, but not for games. PS4 Pro a bit chunkier, but noted stronger than PS4. The console is intended for those who are ‘hungry’ for the latest technology.



Console Model

Microsoft announced three versions of Xbox One S with a slim version of the console. Each comes with a choice of different hard drive, which is 1 TB, 2 TB and 500 GB. While the PS4 Pro comes with a 1 TB hard drive.

PS4 Xbox One S and Pro design


One of the best features of the Xbox One S is the design. For the size of the design, the Xbox One S is smaller than the PS4 Pro. Not only it’s round, Xbox One S also to stand up vertically. Unfortunately, vertical stand is only included with model 2 TB. So, if you buy the model 1 TB or 500 GB, you must purchase a separate stand. Interestingly, the hollow design of the Xbox One S comes with white, a bit nice and sleek. While the PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim, the design has been changed to be more rounded for the corner and matte. It would make more attractive console. Substantially, PS4 pro is bigger than PS4 and PS4 Slim. This console has an additional layer to make internal hardware space becomes more powerful and somewhat qualified.


Specifications PS4 Pro and Xbox One S

PS4 Pro is packed with eight-core processor AMD x86-64 ‘Jaguar’ CPU with a clock speed of 4.2 teraflops based AMD Radeon GPU and RAM 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM and 1 TB of storage. Graphics and upgrade speed for the PS4 Pro supports the4k resolution 4K game and 4K upscaling to full HD titles.



While the Xbox One S retains the original graphic Xbox One. In the console has support for HDR in the game, which makes the gamer feel the game is much more realistic and colorful. Xbox One S also been equipped with ultra 4K and compatible with HDR TV.



FIFA 17 Talks About Difficulties of Measuring Player Rating

Believe it or not, this is what should be done by the developers of sports games, including EA Sports. To label numbers for each category are determined to make gamers more easily understand the performance of a player and then decide if he deserves to reliable or not. But of course, this process is not easy. Why? Because in order to achieve a more realistic atmosphere of the game, EA Sports should ensure that the figures are indeed projecting capabilities should be. And this process, it was not easy.


According to ESPN about the player rating, Michael Mueller-Moehring responsible for the rating system for players in the FIFA series is finally spoke. To measuring is not easy, especially for players who aren’t well known. As an illustration, FIFA 17 now contains more than 700 clubs and 18,000 players from various parts of the world. How do I determine the rating of each of them?

Fifa 17’s lowest player rating – Sam Sargeant is an English Goalkeeper currently playing for Leyton Orient.

EA Sports did have a network of “secret” which includes more than 9,000 members who have the capability to do a review and assign a value to each existing players. Known as “data reviewer”, this group comes from the coaches, professional scout, to the loyal viewers of football itself.

PS3 games on the PC: PlayStation Now was Officially Announced

There is good news for fans of the game console Sony PlayStation. Sony has released an application based on cloud computing (cloud) called PlayStation Now, you can play various games PlayStation 3 Tuesday (8/23).

Unlike the emulation program that often played PlayStation fans, this service is an application that directly run PlayStation games.

playstation now on pc

Users simply use a computer, a broadband Internet connection as well as a subscription service from Sony PS Now.

“If you have (subscription PS Now) at this point, then you can access it. You simply sign in with your ID and can directly access it,” said the head of PlayStation Network Eric Lempel told GameSpot, Wednesday (24/8).

PS Now that was launched in May 2015 and has a catalog of more than 400 game titles in his collection. This service allows users to wear smart TV, Playstation Vita 3.4 or subscription costs US $ 19.99 per month.

For customers who access using a computer, the specifications required is a pc or notebook with the operating system Windows 7 (SP1 and above), the Intel Core i3 3.5 GHz or 3.8 GHz AMD A10. Also required free space of 300 MB or more, at least 2 GB of system memory, sound card, USB port and a broadband connection of at least 5 Mbps.

It is necessary to control games Sony DualShock 4, to play PlayStation games on a PC.

You do not necessarily need a PlayStation console to play PS games, please visit the site to access the services www.psnow.com PS Now and play various games of your favorite PlayStation.

The good news is you can try the service for free PS Now for the first week.

Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service available today in the UK for the PC. This confirms the rumors that have emerged a few weeks ago. If your primary residence is random in one of these countries, you can play games on your PlayStation 3 computer Immediately. Anyway, if your PC meets the following minimum requirements:


  • Windows 7, 8.1 or 10
  • 3.5 GHz Intel Core i3 3.8 GHz or better AMD A10
  • 300 MB hard disk space or more; at least 2 GB of RAM
  • Sound card; USB slot
  • Transmission speed of at least 5Mbps

Also Sony has confirmed a wired DualShock 4 controller. The already Appear in early September and will cost about 25 euros.

Top 10 Best Playstation 1 Game Ever

Never predictable, a console that presents a golden age for Sony as well as ensuring the foundation to continue doing business in an increasingly mainstream entertainment industry is apparently already 21 years old! It was actually released in December 1994 in Japan, but it was only on 9 September 1995 – he finally arrived in Western markets. Why release in the West is so crucial? Due to the positive response and fantastic sales in the region who sacrificed and ensure so many cool games translational processes that ultimately, we enjoy.

Playstation produced many cool games that will not be easily forgotten. Some ended up being the foundation for more series that still exist today, though some must die young, but leaving a memory that is not replaced.

Here the Top 10 Best Playstation 1 games ever :

1. Winning Eleven 4

Top 10 Best Playstation 1 Game Ever winning eleven 4

Of course, because the game is the most realistic football game. Moreover, I was a football maniac.

2. Grand Turismo 2


In the golden age of Playstation, a racing game can be divided into two major sections: the arcade and super crazy. Arcade dominated by games such as Ridge Racer and Need for Speed are fairly widely accepted at that time. While the “Crazy” dominated by games that require you to focus crush other cars such as Twisted Metal, Vigilante 8, or Nascar Rumble. Then came the one Gran Turismo. Most of the gamers who tasted Gran Turismo 2 for the first time will usually comment on one thing – it offers the full visual quality that counted fantastic detail at that time. But once tasted its gameplay? Then we realized that no one else in the racing genre – namely, the simulation. Where victory is no longer depending on how often you hit the wall and bounced quickly into the street, but from the accuracy of the brake and gas proper.

3. Legend of Dragoon

legend of dragoon ps1

RPG is Final Fantasy. That in spite of all kinds of competition that seeks thrown by another developer, Final Fantasy was the one who always manages to offer not only on the strength of RPG gameplay, but also the characters, the story, and of course – visually. But everything changed when the Legend of Dragoon attacking. No one ever thought that this game can be destroyed during this Final Fantasy dominance. Cool, different gameplay, story full of drama, the characters are much, until the visual quality of the best JRPG on the Playstation era offered by this game. Chilling where the gamer who does not cringe when you start to turn into a variety of Dragoon and started to execute the attack with destructive effects? DIVINE DRAGON CANNON!

4. Tekken 3

tekken 3 game best ps1 ever

Okay, forget the first while your frustration when he met with noob gamers who feel already mastered Tekken 3 simply because they are able to press the attack button and win the battle with Eddy Gordo or Hwoarang. Of all the three-dimensional fighting game ever released on the Playstation era, no one can beat the popularity Tekken 3. If you live in his time, you at least have certainly been challenged or simply encouraged by your peers to play this game in a rental or home they. Visually, it looks stunning at the time, with a balancing character, design, and the story also is not easily forgotten.

5. Crash Bandicoot

crash bandicoot

Adventure game that will not be forgotten, when getting the mask, you will also say “Woomena” or sound like anything

6. WWF Smackdown 2

smac down ps1

Besides Winning Eleven 4, this is one game that is definitely required you will ever find, many small children in it. The only way to channel the hype? Of course, by playing WWF Smackdown of Yuke. Visual is not how cool, but it contains a variety of gameplay and iconic Finisher action that we desire. People’s Elbow belonged to The Rock with iconic entrance music? Of course. Other reason? Ehmm .. Trish Stratus.

7. Metal Gear Solid

metal gear solid best ever ps1 game

Snake, snaakee! This iconic shouts certainly embedded in the minds of gamers who had tasted the Playstation Metal Gear Solid at that time. To be honest, with all the complexity offered Kojima in it, he is not a game that can be enjoyed by gamers of children or adolescents for granted. Too much talk, too long cut-scene, the difficulty level is too high, to the visual that is not how well enough to make a lot of gamers raised their hands, including us. But with age and higher gaming instinct, Metal Gear Solid is a gaming project with a sale value that is hard to compare. You begin to learn to understand the story, enjoying every cleverness shown Kojima in every joke Codec and Boss battles, as well as actions which provide enough flexibility for you to choose. A brilliant series that makes this franchise continues to survive until today.

8. Xenogears


Xenogears is not the story elements that we remember with certainty. We just still remember how the concoction Squaresoft game succeeded in making us keep wondering until the end of the game, without the slightest idea of what the essence of the story as he offers. Although, this does not preclude Xenogears to get in as one of the best PlayStation game ever. Unique battle system, mecha designs cool, the music is so evocative sense, up to super complex story that needs a lot of times the game’s understandable appeal seems so hard to resist. Admirable indeed, how old machine with a CD as Playstation could offer more gameplay time via Xenogears than games “cool” which was released today.

9. Harvest Moon: Back To Nature

play station x harvest moon

Since the beginning of its birth, the game always positioned as a hero who seems ready to take all the fear, tragedy, death, and did not hesitate to sacrifice himself to save the world. Then came the Harvest Moon: Back to Nature seemed so contrary to what we portray as a video game. Your role as a farmer who was asked to take care of the cattle and build healthy social relationships with the townsfolk there. The complexity starts from determining routine work, adapting to the changing weather, memorize birthdays and favorite items to know each character NPC, and won in various festivals. He may sound easy, but those who had tasted this game seems to really understand, that nothing can be taken for granted on the task of managing the farm, that’s for sure.

10. Resident Evil 2

resident evil ps1

Resident Evil 2 is the first game who we enjoy so Playstation arrive at hand. Still in grade 1 junior at the time, this game looks so fantastic era. Compared with games that look so weak in terms of visual, Resident Evil 2 was so realistic, even the model in terms of character – Leon and Claire who there. So, what made it so memorable? Not only transition to taste more action who still unaccounted balance, it also provides a layer a story that could be considered, complex. Each character has a different story two scenarios, with each carrying the road, key items, and the flow motion who also a separate story. Memorable boss battles to unlimited ammo cheat that is not easily forgotten, Resident Evil 2 is the king!