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Which is better PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S

Sony and Microsoft have revealed their respective property of their consoles the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Pro S. In both devices, which one is better for you? As reported by Digital Spy, Wednesday 11/09/2016, here are

FIFA 17 Talks About Difficulties of Measuring Player Rating

Believe it or not, this is what should be done by the developers of sports games, including EA Sports. To label numbers for each category are determined to make gamers more easily understand the performance of a

PS3 games on the PC: PlayStation Now was Officially Announced

There is good news for fans of the game console Sony PlayStation. Sony has released an application based on cloud computing (cloud) called PlayStation Now, you can play various games PlayStation 3 Tuesday (8/23). Unlike the emulation

Top 10 Best Playstation 1 Game Ever

Never predictable, a console that presents a golden age for Sony as well as ensuring the foundation to continue doing business in an increasingly mainstream entertainment industry is apparently already 21 years old! It was actually released