This Guy Build His Rig Use Wood Material


Tim Vareta from Malawi shared his DIY Project: Wooden PC Case!

Hello. Glad to be here. šŸ™‚
I am a PC builder, gamer and digital artist and I wanted to show you my full tower gaming/graphics rig out of which i built (well at least the shell) entirely out of plywood. It’s pretty expensive shipping a full tower computer so,.. why not build my own? Been using it for about five months without an incident of fire or electric shock and it’s pretty quiet too.


I think it looks outstanding, and that there’s money to be made in doing custom woodwork like that for clients’ machines. Who here would not think it to be totally badass to have an outer case that looks like it was made at the turn of the last century, but also be completely functional and aesthetically unique at the same time?

Test Silent Base 600, be Quiet!

After the debut Silent Base 800 brings be quiet! a housing offshoots of the same design, but with more compact dimensions on the market. The housing with the name Silent Base 600 we set the big brother to the “Form Follows Function” principle and to have also a smaller space offering customers excellent cooling and airflow, and quiet operation.

Also, the space should not be neglected, despite only 495 x 230 x 493 millimeters to 600 still provide the interior of the Silent Base sufficient space for current and future components in all price categories are available in the new model. The incorporation of water cooling was naturally considered in the smaller model.

And even with the other equipment, the Silent Base 600 leans heavily on its 800 model. In addition to insulation mats in the front and the side parts, ensure decoupled hard drive and two preinstalled also decoupled Pure Wings 2 fan for quiet operation of the system. The Silent Base 600 now also features a built-direct 3-step control, with which you can influence the cooling capacity / volume level of the system.

The appearance of the new representative of Silent Base series is of course also applied to the large model, but not identical. the appearance of the new model we like actually even a little better, because the design is a bit sleeker and not as smooth. In particular, the two fan Lasse forward, not just now are straight lines, but are in the form of a narrow C, and the broken top give the Silent Base 600 considerably more oomph.

If the Window version yet replenished the Silent Base 800, so is this at the launch of the Silent Base 600 directly. Since three colors black, black and orange and black-silver also when Silent Base 600, it thus has included the Window option six housing types to choose from.

The be quiet! Silent Base 600 comes with a suggested retail price of 109.90 euros on the market. The window in the side panel makes a small charge to be here then 124.90 Euro is due.

Before looking in detail the new case look like Always a look at the technical data.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 495 x 230 x 493 mm (depth x width x height)
Material: Steel, ABS, nylon, polycarbonate
Weight: 8 kg
Form Factor: ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX

Drive Bays:

external: 3 x 5.25 inches
Internal: 3 x 3.5 inches
Internal: 3 x 2.5 inches


Front: 1 x 140 mm (Pure Wings 2)
Back: 1 x 120 mm (Pure Wings 2)
Cover: 2 x 120/140 mm
Floor: 1 x 120/140 mm
Front: 1x 140 mm
Side panel: 1x 120mm (not for Window version)
water cooling


Front: 1 x 120/140 mm
Back: 1 x 120 mm
Cover: 1×240 / 280 Slim Type
Expansion Slots: 7

I / O panel:
2 x USB 3.0
2 x USB 2.0
1 x HD + AC97 Audio IN / OUT (microphone + headphones)
CPU cooler: max. 167 mm Height
Graphics card: max. 290 mm / 400 mm (with / without HDD cage)
PSU: max. 290 mm length


The delivery of Silent Base 600 includes everything you need for the initial installation. Lots of little screws, spacers, mounting rails and of course, a somewhat tight but understandable manual.

It is also particularly noteworthy that two fans from the hotel’s own “Pure Wings 2” series are assembled in this case. This is one of the be quiet! Silent Base are installed on the rather few housing in the right quality fans that are also included in the three-year warranty.

The integrated ventilation control replaces the enclosed the larger model voltage adapter and is now built in.


For our test of Silent Base 600 we assume we have already the 800 model popular orange version. The Silent Base 600 integrates the colored outlines in our opinion a little skillful and thus highlights the shape of the housing in a clear once again upbeat picture

It is clearly the combination of the C-shaped air intakes, the clear shallow bevelled edges, no longer up to sitting, but also tapered forwardly facing front panel that the Silent Base miss a significantly sportier but somehow more mature look. The whole housing acts in its design simply not as elongated, slightly wider and therefore somehow voiced to us.

Striking is the broken lid which is no longer completely smooth now but in the middle has a sink.

The front is as usual continue to split. The upper half consists of a door, behind which you find the drive space, while the lower portion covers the fan of the case.

The air intake for the fan reverts to the provided with mesh vents in the likewise inclined side of the Silent Base 600. At the bottom you see the subtly be quiet! Lettering in high-gloss silver.

The Front entire front can quite easily be removed through the release of six holding lugs. So then carried out, access to the fan. In addition, the door stop of links can be rebuilt on the right, a feature that really only very limited housing, but we certainly consider important.

Well done also to accommodate the dust filter in the front. This is located in a special slot and can easily be pulled up and out of the front panel. A removal of the front panels is therefore not necessary to free the filter of dust.

Although it looks as if the IO panel is in the front panel, the front can be pulled off easily without any clutter. The impression is deceptive namely because it merely extend the connections through the front, the panel is actually attached to the housing frame.

In front panel itself also located next to the usual 3.5 mm jacks for headphones and microphones four USB ports. The right two support the USB 3.0 standard, while the left are executed than older USB 2.0. incorporated behind the front panel in the top is the very large and absolutely stmmig to design appropriate power button. This also serves as a power LED.

Who misses the reset button, be quiet! hid it very cleverly and integrated into the HDD LED. A truly visually elegant and practical solution. The HDD LED can be pressed with a fingertip, and already a reset is triggered. An accidental press of the button is almost impossible.

Both the two sides are not difficult as smaller versions of Silent Base 800. the closed version Considering here without side windows, so is in the middle a special rectangular insert, which is used for ventilation. The left side panel can be equipped with an optional 120 mm fan. On the right side of the insert is also to be found, but serves only the optics.

The back does not bring any major surprises and largely corresponds to the usual ATX standard. but can also be seen here again a few details that are mainly used to improve ventilation. Thus the grid was particularly open plan front of the fan to ensure optimal air circulation. The Slotbleche themselves have small vents and is located on the right of the slot brackets a further opening which is especially useful when graphics cards are used to dissipate the warm air upwards.

In the bottom of the tower there is a pull-out over a small nose dust filter located below the power supply and thus the entire bottom protects against dust infestation. Even the power supply is thus kept free of dust when it is mounted with the fan down.

On the cover of Silent base 600 there is another interesting element. This is in fact closed for the most part, what comes to the sound good. While here in most cases larger openings for the fan, uses the Silent Base 600 only six slots. The GehƤusetop is clearly defined as a fan outlet and directs the air backwards. Therefore, here are also no additional dust filter. A fan inlet on the lid would 600 counteract the concept of Silent Base as “silent housing”.

well on the lid also like that this completely flat and can therefore be very nice used as shelf for a headset or smartphone.

Inner workings

The interior of the Silent Base 600 falls very modern but largely dispenses with experiments as particularly flexible installation options or turned motherboards. However, the coming of the constructability of the housing greatly to Good, as we shall see in the section on installation yet.

Visually, the interior is already at first glance voices, all sheets painted black and the Gummies for cable glands are suitable for available housing in bright orange.

As the biggest difference for Silent Base 800 naturally found the frame for mounting on 5.25 inch device. Here only three devices can be accommodated due to the Midi-Towr format. But even that probably will not already maxed out in the online age of most. The cage is permanently installed and can not be removed.

Anders, however, it looks at the cage for the 3.5-inch models. This is at the bottom at the front and can not only be easily removed. You may wish to change the position and one floor up hanging the cage under the 5.25-inch bays.

The cage can hold three drives that are inserted via rubber rails and are thus decoupled.

located inside is already preassembled Pure Wings 2 fans, which is also hung decoupled at the back. Also seen are the seven expansion slots, and the vent area adjacent. In motherboard tray is now the usual large opening for installation of coolers at the mainboard.

The power supply is installed in Silent Base 600 in the ground. There is special Gummieauflagen and a guide that bring the power supply at the correct postion. The entire floor of the Silent Base 800 is open plan, so that is also the installation of an additional fan here possible. The dust filter underlying covers the entire area.

Taking a look behind the motherboard tray, so two more assembly stations for 2.5 inch devices come to light. Here, for example, two SSDs can be installed so that the HDD cage can also be removed easily from the casing and still plenty of room for storage media is present.

Installation & features

The installation of the Silent Base 600 runs extremely straight forward and simple. The installation of hard drives and SSDs is made to the predetermined places on the special holder. In the case of the 3.5 ” devices serves the removable drive. To install this course can also remain in the housing.

must be easily fitted with two rubber rails to slide the HDD in the cage this. Be quiet! here uses a fairly simple trick, because the track is simply screwed with normal Rendel screws on the hard drive. Thus, these screws are quasi the suspension in the rubber track, which is then simply pushed into the frame.

The solution of be quiet! is superior to that of many other manufacturers. Many other manufacturers use namely plastic rails, in which the insulation then takes place via small “rubber pin”. Be quiet! has quasi inverted ours and thus achieves a significantly better damping.

To install the smaller 2.5-inch drives in the frame, but it requires special, optional adapter brackets from 2.5 to 3.5 inches.

Thus, the drives do not fall out of the shaft during transport, this has an additional lock that is simply closed with a screw Rendel.

Installation of SSDs is also very simple. Two pieces can be mounted on two simple mounting plates behind the motherboard. All they need are simply screwed with four screws on the frame. Thereafter, the frame is simply hooked into the housing and fixed with a screw Rendel.

The installation of the power supply is performed by simple and fix it into the housing. The Silent Base 600 also permits the use of rather large power supplies. Without additional fan at the bottom are 290 mm for the power supply available.

An easy way to the assembly of the mainboard in Silent Base 600 of the hand. Be quiet! simply stated, in the middle of the motherboard trays a mounting pins as a centering aid. The motherboard must be bolted on here and then automatically remains in position to hang the remaining screws to tighten. This really simple but ingenious feature is found, unfortunately in quite a few cases.

you can really about the space available in the Silent Base 600 not complain. The installation itself larger components and graphics cards is absolutely no problem. The cable glands are quite well positioned, so that the cable management simply goes out of hand. Overall, we see a so Although conventional but very successful


The Silent Base 600 is not just a smaller version of Silent Base 800, but in our eyes also clearly also a visual facelift. Certainly, the appearance is always a matter of taste, but we’d be very surprised if the masses the Silent base 600 rather than the more beautiful of the two be quiet! Housing looks.

The new model is not only sleek, we would even say it looks simple in design sophisticated. Where actually everything was smooth and straight when Silent Base 800 to the chamfered edges, as can be found in Silent base 600 are a few rough edges that attract the eye and make the Tower so visually interesting. In optics, the new housing already collects so clear advantages.

But from be quiet! expects to not only have good optical properties. The Silent Base 600 therefore actually brings all the good properties of the Silent Base 800 with it. That is a really good workmanship, great facilities and of course at be quiet! always striking feature, the sound insulation.

This one has a good solution in many areas again. So you can find a good guide the airflow and insulates again all major surfaces to vibration and high-frequency sound. Unfortunately, no insulation in the lid will again. For but particularly the hard disks and fans are effectively decoupled with silicone buffers. And one of the key points for a good soundscape are anyway the fan used. Here you get to the two Pure Wings 2 then also correspondingly high quality offered with three years warranty.

One of the criticisms of the Silent Base 800, which was not quite as quiet as hoped for the rear fan, has be quiet! well bypassed with the now built-in 3 stages regulation. Now you can decide whether you want to optimize the housing prefer to temperatures or volume level. And it also remains, of course, the option to connect the fan to the motherboard and to control dynamically from there.

Although the interior of the Silent Base 600 has no great innovations, but so surprised with classic details like the motherboard assembly aid, large opening for the radiator assembly, ventilation holes on the slot brackets, rubberized power supply pad and more. Also particularly noteworthy is the very good dampening hard drive carrier and also the quick holding system of the drive bays are to be proud of.

If you look at 600 disadvantages Silent Base, so is usually only found the opposite to the 800 version away fallen second drive cage. so directly only three 3.5 ” hard drives can be installed. For most, this point should, however, be quite irrelevant.

With an RRP of EUR 109.90 for the version without side windows and 124,90 Euro with side windows, the price is slightly below the Silent Base 800. But one in our view now gets even nicer housing. Apart from the somewhat lesser space and only two instead of three pre-assembled fans at the end of two candidates, the nose has the Silent Base 600 with us forward.

The conclusion is that in the Silent Base 600 already a significant evolution can be seen. Bearing in mind that it is only at the second housing from the house be quiet! These, we may certainly look forward to more models. Thanks to the still very attractive appearance, the Silent Base 600 is not only a case for Silent fans, but could provide a good basis for one or the other modding project or the chic lit gaming machine. Because in comparison to the many other good housings that are now on the market, but offer a simple but very basic look, the Silent Base has 800 its own character and that makes it just as interesting.


  • Nice design, striking but not cheesy
  • Special Silent Design
  • Good Noise Blocking Features
  • Insulated double-glazed side windows
  • Very good hard drive decoupling
  • Two high-quality series fan
  • Three-stage fan control
  • Very good cable management
  • Door opening
  • Extensive dust protection
  • 3 years warranty


  • Only one caseĀ for three hard disks