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How to Protect Your iCloud Account

This week, a hacker group claims that they have access to hundreds of millions of iCloud accounts. Apple has denied this claim, stating that their system remains secure. However, when ZDNet tries to test the reset function

TSMC starts manufacturing the A11 chip for Apple’s iPhone 8

According to the Taiwanese branch service DigiTimes, TSMC has begun the mass production of the upcoming SoCs for Apple’s iPhone 8. The mass production of the A11-SoC of Apple is already started. The A11 system-on-a-chip is likely

Apple Patent: Accessory Turns iPhone into Notebook

The smartphone takes the place of the trackpad and is used as such, while it provides internal components such as processor and memory. Alternatively, an iPad could function as a display. The supplementary device only expands and

Does Apple Make Their Own Processor for New MacBook?

Apple is developing a new chip for laptop Mac. The processor that serves to increase laptop battery life while he is in sleep mode. Chip was mentioned will handle light activity, such as checking email and install

These 6 Professional Laptop for Your Business Mobility

The digital world makes the workers also participated in following the rapid tempo and development. Some companies even allow their employees to work out of the office for the sake of reasons of efficiency and effectiveness. We

Apple Introduces New Feature Music Editor Application

Apple releases an update for software to edit music Logic Pro X and GarageBand 2.2. The update is armed with more sophisticated file sharing capabilities for both applications. In addition, this application also comes with support for

Mini PC Review: Apple Mac Mini i5 1.4GHz

Apple launches the Mac mini’s most compact and most affordable Mac PC on the market. Apple Mac Mini i5 is the most affordable Mac PC. Similar peripherals as the Mac Pro extremely compact Review Mini PC Review: Apple Mac

Apple Have Just Lauched A Book, Not Macbook

A product which may be very fitting for a birthday gift, Christmas, or New Year for the lovers of Apple products recently launched. Not in the form of an iPhone, iPad, or the latest Macbook. But a

Why Apple Removed SD Card Slot on MacBook Pro?

Apple decided to remove the SD Card slot and replace it with a USB Type-C on the MacBook Pro and reaping a lot of negative response from consumers. Why Apple Removed SD Card Slot on MacBook Pro?

Whats Wrong with New Macbook Pro

After Apple removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, the new MacBook Pro like several connections to suffering cuts. Much to the annoyance of users. Anyone who wants to use his usual devices required an adapter.