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Apple Cinema Display LCD Monitor Replace Power Adapter

[Credit: Reismanit Services] So I got ahold of a 23″ Apple Cinema Display LCD monitor. One Problem: No power adapter! So after some extensive internet searches for new or used adapters (models A1097 90w or A1098 150w)

Which Better Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV

Multimedia in the living room promise streaming boxes of Apple and Amazon. Let’s see the differences. With the Apple TV 4 and its new TVOS which has opened the door to third-party apps that Streamingbox from Apple

Old Mac Computer Transformed Become Pot Plants

Who says stuff that is already old can not be harnessed into useful products, because if given a creative touch, then the old stuff could be the goods that have artistic value. Even this could be interesting

About Neural Engine: Apple’s Artificial Intelligence Chip

Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming an important feature of the smart phone market, which strengthens personalization, virtual assistant, to the lifetime of Quartz loaded battery life. But artificial intelligence takes a lot of computing power. To that

Apple TV is Now Able to Play 4K Video

Apple has just launched a long-awaited update to Apple TV set-top-box products. The product can now play movies and TV programs in Ultra HD 4K resolution, because according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, TV content is currently

Supplier of Apple Will Build $10 B Factory in US

Supplier of Apple, Foxconn, also the world’s largest electronics contract manufacturing company, has just announced that it will create a new factory to manufacture LCD screens in Wisconsin, USA. The news was announced at an event attended

Apple shut down iPod Nano and Shuffle

Apple decided to focus on selling one iPod product, the iPod Touch. The decision was realized by Apple to stop selling iPod Nano and Shuffle on its official website. According to Phone Arena reports, the information has

IMac 27 inch review: Apple’s all-in-one to work and play

Finally new Mac again! The update, especially for the iMac, was long overdue, now it is with current Intel hardware from the generation Kaby Lake and with new graphics cards from AMD. In the test of the

Macbook Pro with Kaby-Lake CPU significantly more powerful

The new edition of Apple Macbook Pro is about 20 percent more powerful computing power compared to its predecessor. About eight months after the introduction of the last Macbook Pro, Apple has subjected the popular notebook to

In June, Apple have iPad Pro 10.5 Inches

Apple’s new iPad Pro 10.5 inches, is rumored to be announced in June. The mass production of the 10.5-inch Pro Pad is reported to have started since March or April. According to Digitimes, since starting in March