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The AMD GunPuter, Awesome

Knowing what some of you are like with Intel, I’m sure this post is gonna rifle some feathers, but this is The AMD GunPuter.┬áCheckout this amazing loadout from the Red Team! I always look at these as

AMD’s Ryzen 5 1500X for 159 euros on Core i5 7500 level

The AMD-triggered price competition among the CPUs continues. The AMDs Ryzen 5 1500X is now available in the offer for 159 euros. The time of the high prices for CPUs seems to be over with the launch

CPU socket TR4: AMD Threadripper requires new CPU coolers

In a few days, AMD will release the new Threadripper CPUs. So far, only a few information about the question of compatible CPU coolers have been leaked. The already available images of X399-Mainboards show, however, that in

AMD Showcases Ryzen Threadripper Box, Larger than Mini-ITX PC

AMD will soon release its highest-grade processor, the Ryzen Threadripper, in the near future. Recently, they showcased the processor sales package box. Through his official Facebook account, AMD showcased a box with the Ryzen Threadripper logo. One

Intel vs AMD debate

This might trigger some people, but keep in mind this is my own personal opinion. Keep it friendly please. Ok its time to weigh in on the Intel vs AMD debate. 1. Just to be clear for

AMD Ryzen: Prices continue to descend

The prices for AMD’s Ryzen CPUs continue to fall. Compared to the release price you can save up to 80 euros. Although the Ryzen CPUs of AMD are only available for a few months, prices are falling

CPU ranking 2017 Intel and Amd

Short and sweet AMD also mixes thanks to Ryzen in the upper and middle class Entry class from 60 euros, medium class from 150 and upper class from 300 euros Current Intel Core i3 series faster than

AMD, Is Kyzen the next Ryzen?

The manufacturer has applied for the protection of a whole range of processors. In the last few months, there was hardly a week that did not provide new details about AMD processors or GPUs. Lastly, the manufacturer

AMD: New drivers for Ryzen chipsets

With the new drivers, some optimizations are to be implemented, with the bottom line an improvement in the performance of the chips when playing from five to six percent is achieved. The market launch of the Ryzen

Nvidia Battlebox for the first time alongside AMD CPUs

Nvidia recommends first AMD CPUs for use in a Battlebox. The VGA comes naturally only from Nvidia. For several years, Nvidia has been working with renowned system makers to offer gaming PCs that meet a certain performance