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HP Elite x2 1012 G1 2-in-1 PC Ultra Portable

HP Elite x2 1012 G1, Ultra Portable & Smart 2-in-1 PC With Wacom Pen Support Instead of lingering confused determine the choice of device that suits your business needs it’s worth considering carefully the existence of the

HP Specter x360, Compact and Versatile

Still remember with HP Elite X2 that we have reviewed late last year? In his review article, we explicitly mentioned that the Elite X2 is an alternative to Microsoft Surface Pro. So what if you want a

LENOVO YOGA A12 : 2-in-1 with Android and Halo Keyboard

Lenovo has an unusual 2-in-1 Yoga Book reissued in a better version: The Yoga A12 waived the pin detection and has less memory and RAM, but the display is larger and the price by 40 percent at

Asus Transformers Book Flip TP200SA : Small but Elegant

The need for a device that has a high mobility makes hybrid notebook Asus presents 2 in 1 variants. One through Transformer Book Flip TP200SA.   The Transformer Book Flip, this notebook can be transformed into a

Dell XPS 13 Become 2-in-1 Laptop

Since Dell launched the XPS 13 first at CES 2012, laptops have become one of the best Windows laptop. He even said to be in the same class with the MacBook from Apple. Now, Dell XPS 13

Microsoft Surface Book Intel Core i7 Review

Successful balancing act between the laptop and the tablet: From design to handling to work performance, the Surfacebook shines with only small, acceptable weaknesses in our test. For the full version tested by us, Microsoft requires 2,799

Dell Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1 Small but Multifunction

US-based technology company Dell is widely known by the public through a range of computing products. One of their products are in demand around the world is a notebook. Similar to other companies, Dell also present a

Tablet Market Continues to Shrink, 2-in-1 Device Offers More Attractive

Global tablet computer market continues declining. In a recent report by IDC, the number of tablet shipments during the third quarter 2016 amounted to only 43 million units, down 14.7% compared to the same quarter last year.