Windows 10 Creators Update: Download comes slowly but surely

Many users have been waiting for the Creators Update for Windows 10 since April, which corresponds to the plan, but in the immediate future, Microsoft would like to give more gas.

Windows 10: The Creators Update brings new security features and many tools for creators.

Since April 2017, Microsoft has distributed the Creators Update for Windows 10. As before in the release of Windows 10 and the major updates so far in November 2015 (Autumn Update) and Summer 2016 (Anniversary Update), the download will be downloaded by the conventional Windows Update users In bursts. This is the reason why many devices are still waiting for a message to update the system’s creators.

The fact that this time seems to last longer than before, should simply be connected to the fact that more and more devices use Windows 10 as an operating system. 500 million users recently named Microsoft. Users who have not yet received the Creators Update do not need to worry about the duration, too.

On the Windows blog , John Cable has said that Microsoft is very timely. The volume of users does not provide for the large timeframe of the distribution alone. Before Microsoft continues to boulder the Creators update, observations must be made and any errors that occur may be removed. The rollout process is to be carried out continuously for a growing number of devices. Per wave, a two-digit millionth number of PCs such as laptops and smartphones will receive the Creators Update.

Until the next major update in the fall of this year – the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – the last users should also receive the latest update. If you can not wait, you have the option to download an ISO from the Microsoft Media Creation Tool, from which an update can be initiated. Please read our manual for downloading the Creators Update for Windows 10 manually .

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