What’s New in The Update of Cortana?

The digital assistant obeys its word and makes using Windows 10 devices. It is new that can be used on the lock screen of Cortana and supported increasingly third-party apps.


What’s new?

Windows 10 users will have already changed some words with Cortana. In practice it appears that you have not exaggerated slowly, yet deliberately speak clearly to be understood correctly by the digital assistant of Microsoft. Cortana supports you in areas such as scheduling, web search and playback of music in the Groove app. In addition, the function can be opened in a position to apps and desktop programs, perform simple calculations and retrieve stock prices.

In practice, this works very smoothly. Can Cortana not answer a question themselves, they are directly to Bing on. The result of the Web search is presented to you in Edge browser. On tablets and 2-in-1 devices with Windows 10, this is a bit uncomfortable, because every Bing inquiry opens in its own tab and you must then activate the assistant only again. On Windows smartphones, the results page is opened directly in contrast Cortana dialog, so you can ask a new question in connection, without having to handle several apps.

Cortana on the lock screen

Cortana can now also be used if the device is locked. You must tell the lock screen only “Hey Cortana”. After you ask a question about the weather. The answer is output directly from the lock screen. Going a step further, this function goes on smartphones equipped with Windows 10 Mobile: Here Cortana is even active if the unit is in standby mode. Once you say “Hey Cortana”, the display is turned on and you can ask your question. This is about driving important as you not take a hand off the wheel, still need to see the device’s display to calculate a route or call a contact.

Note: By default Cortana is not available directly on the lock screen. This function must “use Cortana, even if my device is locked” initially in the Cortana settings on “lock screen options” and be activated. On the occasion of the underlying switch “Hey Cortana” should be the same (Cortana respond to “Hey Cortana”) are activated.

Cortana in other apps

The services of Cortana are fixed not only on Windows and Apps from Microsoft. Even external app developers can use the functions of the digital assistant integrated into their products in order to simplify their operation. But while in the US Windows Store Windows selecting already quite large, in this country to have only a handful of apps that work with Cortana. These include not only the music recognition Shazam and fitness tracking app Fitbit also Netflix. If the Netflix app open Cortana helps searching for movies and TV series. You only need to “Hey Cortana, Netflix find The Mentalist” say to go to the Netflix app directly to the TV series.

hidden potential of Cortana, shows the US App “Memo for Cortana” for Windows Mobile 10, which speaks only English. All voice entries that begin with the word “Memo” is stored in the app and can be using Cortana Browse. Do you about the answer “My keys are in the drawer” stored in English as a memo, answered Cortana the question “Where are my keys?” With just this voice message.

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