The Next Update Windows 10 is Fixing Edge

In the next major Windows 10 update, Microsoft will focus on improving the responsive performance and responsiveness of Edge browsers. In Build developer conference, the software giant describes the features they prioritize in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

One of Microsoft’s top priorities today is to make the process of opening and closing tabs on Edge to be smoother. As mentioned by The Verge, there is a slight pause when someone opens a tab on Edge before he can type in a site address. This is troubling and Microsoft plans to resolve this issue.

In addition to performance improvements, Microsoft also plans to make a few design changes. As part of the Fluent Design System, Microsoft will include a touch of modern design in its home browser, including animation and visuals when you click an object in Edge.

Currently, this change is a small change. However, it is clear that Microsoft has a bigger plan with Fluent Design System to change their Windows interface. In addition, Microsoft also plans to bring PWA (Progressive Web App) to Edge.

Google engineer Alex Russell was the first to create the PWA term. Basically, PWA is the site that later became an application. That means PWA sites will be able to offer similar applications experience in the future, With offline support and notifications. Now, is the early era of PWA, but the fact that Microsoft supports its existence is good news.

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