Microsoft have Completed Windows 10 Creator Update

As always, Microsoft always provides updates for their Windows 10 users gradually. As was done during the release of Windows 10 Creator Update, Microsoft gradually granted it. Starting from the latest devices already working with OEMs, then to old devices.

And today Microsoft says they have completed gradually updating. That way, Windows 10 users who support for Creator Update can download it. Users can check to make sure the device is updating via Windows Update.

Microsoft has also confirmed that devices using Intel atom processor “Clover Trail” do not support Windows 10 Creator Update. Although the user can still use it, Microsoft does not recommend to make available updates. Just info, Microsoft will develop security update until the year 2023 for Creator Update or called version 1703.

Microsoft also said business users can make updates to the new version of Windows 10. Creator Update provides many new enhancements and features in it.

Microsoft is currently preparing for the release of Windows 10 Fall Creator Update. This second major update is rumored to arrive in September 2017.

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