Is Mac powerful against Viruses?

One statement that often comes out of the user’s laptop or PC is the resilience of Mac is much better than other Windows-based devices. The resilience we mean here is the resilience of Mac-based devices from viruses.

It is said that Mac devices are better in terms of resistance to virus attacks. That’s why most Mac devices do not require anti-virus. But one can not prevent the question of whether Mac needs anti-virus. Although Mac devices are known to be stubborn, because they are tougher than Windows-based devices, they do not mean Macs are immune to viruses.

Things change when 2017 arrives. Some reports, such as from Business Insider, for example, claim that Mac devices are now much more stretched against virus attacks than Windows-based devices. Fortune magazine even warned Mac users of the dangers of Mac Malware that caused freeze on Apple computers.

We’ll explain why Mac needs and does not need antivirus.

Why does Mac need antivirus?

There’s no compelling reason to explain why Mac does not need antivirus. Thus, Apple computers actually range also against Internet crime attacks. It’s just that it depends on many things.

Apple computer users are much less than Windows users. This is the reason why black hackers tend to prefer attacking targets with Windows-based computers. The reason is simple: because of their number more.

But that was before. Dynamics are constantly changing, especially when we associate ourselves with the fact that Apple devices are usually very expensive. In the United States, the number of Mac users is around 20-30 percent. The price of expensive devices makes the Mac look exclusive, and certainly only a handful of really rich people who can afford to buy Mac devices. This fact that then provoked many internet criminals who targeted Mac users, because they are rich and can be an easy target.

We do not mean to scare Mac users, but one day there may be a phenomenon where the theft of credit card data in Mac-based laptops becomes plural. Thus, Mac-based computers or laptops require anti-virus to anticipate unwanted things. A number of anti-viruses like BitDefender and Norton seem to suit most Mac users.

Why Mac does not need Antivirus?

As a robust operating system, MacOS is like having a door layer that prevents malware from getting deeper into its operating system. In short, Mac computers or laptops are usually very difficult to break down, unlike Windows-based computer systems. That way, internet criminals seem more interested in breaking into more vulnerable systems.

The latest Mac OS, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, even includes GateKeeper functionality that prevents users from installing any software other than those approved by Apple. The existence of the Mac app store also means that users of Apple computers or laptops can install software from there without fear of anything.

Again, does Mac need Anti-Virus?

Depending on how the user utilizes his Mac computer. If you’re using a Mac at home, or with no business-related purpose, then you do not seem to need to install anti-virus. But this still contains risks, especially if you use the internet at home. As you know, danger lurks everywhere when we talk about the world of the internet. That’s why you may not need antivirus for Mac, but this decision still contains many risks.

Exceptions can be taken if, for example, you use a Mac for business purposes. Or you are using a Mac connected to a Windows-based computer. If this is the case, then an antivirus is necessary. Antivirus programs are also indispensable when your Mac has a lot of sensitive data on a Mac-based computer/laptop.

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