Kaspersky Release Free Antivirus

Kaspersky finally have just released their free antivirus software after testing in several areas for one and a half years. In probation, this antivirus is only available in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China and Nordic countries. However, now, the antivirus is already available globally.

Indeed, this free version of Kaspersky antivirus does not have the features as complete as the paid version, but at least it has offered important features to protect your PC. Some features that are not available on free antivirus versions include VPN, Parental Controls, and Online Payment Protection, as Engadget quote.

The Russian company said their software was not filled with advertisements like free antivirus offered by other companies. Instead, Kaspersky will benefit by using the data you contribute to improving machine learning technologies used in their various products.

Within the next few days, this free antivirus will be available in the United States, Canada, and most Asia Pacific countries. After that, Kaspersky will launch it in other countries, ie in September to November.

Later, Kaspersky is having problems in the US. The reason is they are accused of being a spy for the Russian government. Bloomberg alleges that Kaspersky is working with Russian intelligence agencies. The founder of the security company, Eugene Kaspersky then offered to show the source code of his product to prove that his company did not collaborate with the Russian government.

However, the US government keeps issuing Kaspersky from a list of IT service vendors approved by the government.

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