Setting High Performance AMD Radeon Graphics Card to Play Game

I will discuss how to make the performance of VGA AMD lighter when playing PC games. Follow the tutorials below.

First, click start menu and type AMD


AMD Vision Engine Control Center via start menu


Or via desktop

Or via desktop

Select Gaming option


There are two options to choose: Manage graphic setting for gaming “Gaming Performance” or “Image Quality”

Then, select the Gaming Performance


Control performance setting to maximize system performance for gaming with two option: “Standard 3D Setting” and “Midmapping”

Nah, you will see a window and adjust the optimal graphic to performance of AMD Vision

There are 2 options "Quality" or "Performance"

There are 2 options “Quality” or “Performance”

That you can consider, which you will chose between Performance or Quality. The high-quality graphic needs high-end graphic card (VGA). So, if you didn’t have it, you should adjust to the performance setting. I know you lose the best game experience when playing the game, but it’s consequences.

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