Nvidia Geforce Can Not Detected on PC and Notebook?

Many have complained when they will install a game or graphics software. Typically, pc or notebook with dual graphics, for example as an onboard Intel HD Graphics (Integrated) and Nvidia Graphics (dedicated), and the problem is detected only intel, not Nvidia Geforce. So, how to fix this?

Just simple ways. First, you need to open the Nvidia Control Panel.

Right-click on the desktop, and select Nvidia Control Panel
Right-click on the desktop, and select Nvidia Control Panel

Go to the tab Manage 3D Settings – Global Settings as shown in the figure below, in the drop down menu on the graphics processor is selected, choose the high-performance NVIDIA processor. Then click “Apply” at the bottom right side of the window.

High-Performance Nvidia Processor


You need to update the latest version of the Nvidia Driver to optimal your graphic with Nvidia Geforce. Also, download and install Nvidia Geforce Experience, and you will get the recommended setting for best gaming experience and more!

Originally posted 2016-09-19 16:48:58.

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