How to Maximize Graphics Performance Nvidia Geforce on Laptops

Like the title that I have written above, this time we will try to brain – tweak a little setup on the Nvidia graphics card on the laptop. So that the performance or quality of the resulting display in accordance with what we want. In general, the laptop has a single onboard graphics card or onboard that has been installed. If using Intel processor, it will detect Intel HD Graphic as the integrated graphics card. The functionality of the default graphics card is to process and give the display output to the screen in the standard format. Because the ability of this type of graphics card is very limited.

Well to support the performance and quality of the pregnancy becomes more steady, most laptops now use two graphics cards. That is a built-in or on-board graphics card, and an additional graphics card or add-on. One of the most widely used graphics cards and often combines with Intel processor is Nvidia Geforce graphics card. For that, we need to know how to maximize the additional graphics card so that later can work optimally and in accordance with what we want.

By default, a laptop that has two pieces of graphics card will select the graphics card automatically (auto select). In this case, the activity depends on what we are running. If you only run light activity then usually onboard graphics card to be selected. But if you are running heavy activities such as playing games then add-on graphics card to be selected. But sometimes laptops still use the onboard graphics card when running games that are not too heavy. This sometimes causes a bit of lag even though the enormous capability of our graphics card is enough. To get quality and performance for every activity that we run, We can change the setting of graphics card that we will choose to be Nvidia only. Then how to change it? Check out the following reviews.

How to Change Intel HD Graphic Settings To Nvidia

  • Make sure we are currently in the desktop work area. After that bring the cursor to an empty area on the desktop and right click and select Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Then select Manage 3D Setting .
  • Next on the Preferred Graphic Processor change the default setting which was originally Auto Select into High-performance Nvidia Processor.

How to Set Up Nvidia Control Panel For Better Performance or Quality

Still in the Nvidia Control Panel., at the top left select Adujst Image Setting With Preview option.

After that check or select Use My Preference Emphasizing option after that we can change the existing settings. If the cursor we maximize to the right (Quality) then we will look better with the consequences of performance slightly decreased. Then if we point the cursor to the left until edge (Performance) then we will get a better performance, but with the consequence of quality or detail the display slightly lowered. Another option is Balance if we want to get a balanced result between quality and performance.


If the results we are not satisfied, we can return to the Manage 3D Setting to later each section we can adjust in order to achieve the level we want.

Option Explanation In Nvidia Control Panel

Ambient Occlusion

In this section that is set is about the level of detail images, namely the formation of shadow / shadow to be better. If you want a detailed view with the addition of a slick shadow effect, then select Quality in this section. But if the graphics card that we have is standard, of course I recommend to select Off this section to support the more excellent performance.

Anistropic Filtering

The function of this section is to set all textures from 2D to 3D texture, to make it look more clear. To get a nice texture choose the 16x option but if you want to set flexible according to the choice of Nvidia then select Application-controlled.

Antialiasing Mode

This mode is useful for giving smooth impression on 3D display effects. If the graphics card that we use classified as high-end we can select the option Enhance The Application Setting , but if the line cards that we use tend to just just pocket it is better select Off course.


This option will be useful for specifying which GPUs can run CUDA Application and PhysX.

Maxium Pre-Rendered Frames

The point is to prepare the frames that are behind the current frame. To produce better performance just use Use The 3D Application Setting.

Multi Display / Mixed GPU Acceleration

The function of this option is to give us the option of using how many monitors. If using only one monitor then choose Single Display Performance , if more than one monitor, we can use Multiple Display Performance option or can also select Compatibility Performance Mode.

Power Management Mode

As the name suggests Power Management Mode is used for setting the power consumption of the graphics card. If you want a good graph with good performance then recomended use Prefer Maximum Performance but this option will make the power consumption more wasteful and impact on battery capacity. If the battery wants to be more efficient, use the Adaptive option .

Texture Filtering Anistropic Sample Optimization

This feature allows you to filter and stabilize the texture of the image to be displayed, setting it ON for this section only.

Negative Texture Filtering LOD Bias

The main function of this feature is to set the level of sharpness of objects in a game. For Clamp options will produce a better view, the effect is the game will feel heavier, for it can be replaced with the Allow mode for the game does not feel heavy anymore.

Texture Quality Filtering

This section also gives you which option to optimize for performance or quality.

Threaded Optimization

This option works to maximize the performance of multithread in every 3D game, which now almost all laptops already use multi-core technology , so better select the option On or Auto only.

Vertical Sync

Vertical Sync serves to equalize the frame rate of games with monitor refresh rate, in order to produce better image quality.

To get the results in accordance with the desire then we can try to setting manually, until we find the setup that we think fit.



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