3 Easy Ways to Update Laptop or PC Hardware Drivers

If the hardware is damaged or error, then the laptop or computer will not work properly. Similarly, if the software is less functioning.

Drivers are the bridge between hardware and software. If hardware and software meet, the drivers will manage it well. That’s why drivers from pc hardware should be updated, and should not be out of date.

Hardware PC includes VGA (graphic card), touchpad (laptop), card reader, network adapter, and other hardware that is crucial to the PC to work optimally. If any of them are malfunctioning, error, or appear to be corrupted, it may be that drivers are out of date, and need updating.

So, how to update hardware drivers on laptop or PC?

There are various ways to update drivers. You can choose one way.

How to Update Drivers via Windows Update

If you use a laptop or PC with the Windows operating system, especially Windows 10, you can update drivers from all your laptop hardware with ease, ie via Windows Update.

Windows Update not only gives updates from software and Windows features, but also drivers from all your laptop / PC hardware. Most security updates appear in Windows Update.

However, don’t worry. Once the driver update appears, Windows Update provides the most suitable driver, with the appropriate manufacturing and hardware types.

To update drivers through Windows Update, open the Settings app > Update & security> Windows Update.

Click Download if an update is available. If not, select Check for updates.

It is likely that you will not see new drivers for download in Windows Update. Unfortunately, Windows Update does not seem to recognize too many installed drivers, which require updates.

Frequently, Windows Update provides updates for VGA drivers, card readers, and network adapters, especially when my you just reinstalled the laptop. That too rarely.

If you need the latest drivers, very need, then just download the latest driver for your laptop on the official website of its vendor.

How to Update Drivers from Authorized Manufacturing Sites: Intel, AMD, NVIDIA

Updating drivers from the official laptop manufacturing site is different and somewhat inconvenient, as well as tiring. You need to find the drivers you want manually, according to the brand and type of laptop you use.

For example, if you have Acer laptop, you can download the driver on its official site. Just googling: “acer driver”. Similarly, if your laptop is Asus, Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, and various brands, thats can be searched for new drivers on their official website.

In particular, you can also download VGA (graphic card, GPU) drivers from various manufacturers, such as Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA. Updating the VGA driver is useful for improving performance while playing games.

Download VGA Driver for Intel
Download VGA Driver for AMD
Download the VGA Driver for NVIDIA

Each VGA manufacturer presents a driver update in two ways:

1) from its site directly manually; And
2) from each VGA manufacturing app to download and install the latest drivers automatically.

Using an app from each VGA manufacturing seems to be an easy way to update a VGA driver. Find drivers that support different versions of Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, which you use.

If you still want another way to update the driver, use Driver Booster.

How to Update Driver via Application: Driver Booster

In this world, there is one application that is most “convincing” to check, download, and install the latest drivers that match the hardware we use. Its name is Driver Booster.

I do not recommend you to download and install drivers through Driver Booster, or similar applications. Such applications often bring updates that are not appropriate with the driver, and even damage the drivers and make the laptop less functioning properly.

However, if you still want to use an instant, quick and easy way to update drivers, then just use Driver Booster.

The advantage of Driver Booster, we can download and install all the laptop or PC drivers simultaneously. This app is free for download.

Download Driver Booster: http://www.iobit.com/en/driver-booster.php

That’s how to update hardware drivers on your laptop or PC. Updating driver is important, but only when you need them. If nothing needs to be updated, its better not to do it.

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