Old Mac Computer Transformed Become Pot Plants

Who says stuff that is already old can not be harnessed into useful products, because if given a creative touch, then the old stuff could be the goods that have artistic value. Even this could be interesting things to look at.


An artist named Christophe Guinet has been recognized for his artistic results were very interesting. The artists have often changed the objects around us become a growing media and beautiful pot. Gunet recently has taken the title of a new art called “Plant Your Mac!”, where the purpose of this art project changed the computer from Apple into an object to be used as pot plants.


As a result, the Mac computers are outdated, successfully transformed by Guinet be unique pot. Complete with computer accessories like the mouse.


In addition, the iMac G3 was also successfully transformed into a cute pot for a terrarium.


While Maccactus planted with cactus plants – a port of the Power Macintosh which makes it unique.


In addition to the PC, Guinet also managed to change the old Powerbook as a growing medium for plants vertically.


Very creative!

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