Intel Core i7 6700K Gaming Rig Setup Options

My friend just getting started building a new gaming rig. He has built his own pc’s before but it’s been so long that he sure much of his experience is outdated. His current set-up is a pre-built that he just threw a 780ti in awhile back. He thought he’d share the components he has got in mind and reasoning for those choices. Any real advice is more than welcome.


I’m using a single 40″ Samsung 4K tv for my display which I will continue using. I know that there’s advantages with using a true pc monitor but anything approaching my current display’s size would cost far more than I’m willing to pay on top of a new build. I’m a single player kinda guy and latency hasn’t been an issue. Also I’m not keen on multi-display set-ups but that’s just me. That said all I’m really concerned with is being able to run any game I throw at it at a reasonably solid 60fps at 4K.

The Case: At this point I’m pretty much sold on the Corsair 900D and will probably order it later today. I’ve been reading about the various quality issues but I really love the overall design. Any other similar case I’ve seen costs twice as much with fewer features that I like. I’m hoping Corsair has addressed the quality issues by now. If I have to drill some holes or even do some dremel work down the road (i.e. for watercooling) that’s no biggie. I like that it’s big enough for good airflow and all the options are great. If it arrives a broken mess you guys will be the first to know.

CPU: Well hmm, Intel’s Core i7-6700K seems to be the way to go. This will probably be the only component I watercool for now because it’s convenient with an all-in-one cooler. Thoughts? Comments?

Mainboard: Obviously this is tied to the cpu choice but I really have no idea yet. There’s SO many options. Even though I’ll probably never run more than 2 video cards, I’ve wondered if a mainboard that supports 4-way SLI would give me the option to run the 2 cards spaced 1 slot apart for better air flow. If I decide to water cool the video cards later down the road then having them close together may make more sense. Is this an option or do the cards have to be right next to each other for SLI to work? I haven’t run dual video cards since my Voodoo 2’s back in the 90’s. Also there’s onboard sound quality to consider. Is a separate sound card or one of these DAC’s I hear about a better option? I don’t expect there’s a hands down “best gaming mainboard” but any thoughts or advice are welcome.

RAM: Memory’s cheap enough now that I’ll probably just go for 32Gb of DDR4 because why not? I realize DDR4 versus DDR3 are NOT interchangeable and also determines mainboard choice.

Power Supply: I’m liking the Corsair HXi Series, HX1000i. Can you have too much wattage?

Optical Drive: Yeah-yeah some kinda Blu-burning-thingy-who-cares.

Graphics Cards: Well here’s where most the money’s going. I know I’m getting a pair of 980ti’s (I’m Nvidia all the way) but what flavor? Asus GTX980 Ti Strix sounds like the top performer for air-cooled out of the box. But a Youtube video I watched made a good case for stock reference cards as A: the stock design exhausts the hot air out of the case which seems like a good idea and B: it’s not like it’s a big deal to overclock ’em yourself. Then there’s the pre-watercooled all-in-one hybrid cards, not sure how I feel about those.
I’ll be using the hard drives from my current rig for now. I not ready to dive into the world of radiators, water pumps & tubing just yet. As long as I can peg that 60fps at 4K I’m not too worried about extreme overclocking.

SO! If you were doing an all new gaming build in the Intel / Nvidia camp and looking for 60fps at 4K but not much else, what would you choose?


For PSU I think the EVGA Super Nova P2 is the way to go better quality than the HXi and the 900D is WAY big enough for anything you ever do its a super tower and for GPU go with the MSI Seahawk already has water cooling at that point I think the Extreme version Gigabyte makes is a little bit faster though and if you weren’t worried about how it looks too much EK makes a AIO that can be expanded into a full loop.

Or,¬†shoot for a 5820k. Similar price. More performance. As far as gpus I’m a gigabyte fan. Have two 980ti g1 gaming cards.

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