Corsair Release New PC Case Carbide Series SPEC-04

Corsair have just released PC Casbide Series SPEC-04 case.

corsair case

The mid-tower cassette comes specifically to meet the needs of gamers and perform with different styles, large side panel windows, and a spacious interior. This casing is also said to not only prioritize the look but also features that are adequate for the needs of gamers.

SPEC-04 comes with an asymmetrical style exterior design and has three color choices: Black-Yellow, Red-Black, and Black-Gray. Asymmetrical shape is claimed not only makes it look unique but also serves to hide the front panel. The front panel is also equipped with USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, as well as a special ventilation to facilitate incoming airflow.


The PC case is also equipped with a 120mm LED fan on the front. If still less, you can also pin 5 LED fan again in this SPEC-04 casing.

The casing is also compatible with any cooling system made by Corsair, including Corsair Hydro Series which is a liquid cooling system for the processor. In order not to dust easily into the casing, Corsair also pinned special air filter on the front and part of the PSU module.

SPEC-04 is also claimed to be friendly for PC assemblers. In addition to supporting various motherboard form factors ranging from ATX, MATX and mini-ITX, this casing is also equipped with 7 expansion slots and enough space for you to install a large graphics card.

While storage media is accommodated up to 3 3.5-inch HDDs and 2 2.5-inch SSDs, several pieces of holes and binders make it easy to set up cables that keep your PC looking spacious and neat.

Unfortunately, the Corsair still has not told when this casing will be released and how much the price tag.

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