What Should Do When Your Computer Hang?

Computer applications is often jammed, and it usually occurs when operating for too long and too hot. In fact, the computer has not responding, or commonly referred to hang.

Hang usually appear when the computer does not respond or the screen goes blank because the program does not run well. There is also a computer when the engine temperature is too hot, immediately turn off the power automatically.

So, what can we do when the computer is hang? see below

What Should Do When Your Computer Hang

I have a few idea that you can do to overcome the hanging computer. You can do this on your laptop or desktop that is experiencing freeze or program that is totally stuck.

Closing the program is jammed

The first thing you do is try to close the program that is not responding. You can close the program by pressing ALT + F4 hotkey or mouse can still be moved if you can close the program with the cross button in the upper right corner of the window.

Open the task manager and end task

Open the task manager is an alternative if the first step does not succeed. Sometimes hanging programs that can not be closed with a mouse or with a hotkey alt + f4. To close it forcibly, we must end task on the stuck program. Open the task manager by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + ESC, and then select the program that ngehang and click end task.

Press keys : CTRL + ALT + DEL

Sometimes when the program was gridlocked, we have to logout or restart the computer / laptop by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL, and will show the option to open the task manager, logout, restart, and shutdown. Select A shutdown / restart that program were jammed shut by itself.

Pressing the restart button on the CPU

When we could not press any button on the keyboard and mouse, we had no choice, only we can do to restart the computer forcibly. To restart, you can press the restart button on the CPU in your computer, restart button is not available on a laptop, but there are some laptop models that have a restart button. Location of the restart button on the computer is usually located near the power button on PC.

Turning your computer / laptop off  forcibly

Last choice, if only things above we can not do this probably is an optional way is by turning off the computer / laptop forcibly. We can forcibly turn off your laptop or pc by pressing the powerr (ON/OFF) button for about 10 seconds and then the laptop will off by itself. Many ways to turn computer off, simply unplug the power source, or remove the notebook battery.

This cause is only done when you can not do anything else, and do not do this too often because it can damage the motherboard. Call computer technician in the city nearest you, they are always ready to help.

help computer hang

And please, don’t try to kill and burn your pc like this guy.

burn computer

Not good for your health 😀


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