Tools Required To Repair Your Computer Or Laptop

To repair a computer or laptop / notebook, you must have something that can facilitate these activities. Well, something I mean here is a tool. The point here is in the form of hardware tools, excluding computer software.

Computer service tools

Actually, these tools function in addition to simplify servicing, as well as something that we can use to get the right result, accurate and neat. What all the necessary tools? let see below.

1. Screwdriver

Screwdriver should be there, because this is necessary for loading and unload any computer or laptop. The types of screwdriver that must have are:

screwdriver (+): positive
To open a hollow screw positive. It has a variety of small to moderate.

screwdrive (-): negative
To open a perforated negative screw. Try also have different sizes.

Screwdrive:  Flowers
To open Skrub or star-shaped flowers.

Screwdrive:  All In One
Which is important, screwdrivers for various models of screws.

2. Pliers

Pliers can be used for cutting, clamping and others. Among the types of pliers are required:

crimping pliers
This type of special pliers to clamp the LAN RJ45 connectors and RJ11 connectors and RJ45 connectors are installed on a LAN cable, while the RJ11 connector on the telephone cable.

Cutting pliers
Used for cutting copper wire, lead wire, and others.

Pinch – Alligator Head Pliers
If you want to clamp sesiatu tougher, it is suitable pliers.

Pinch – Pointed Head Pliers
This is to clamp something that can not be reached by pliers head of a crocodile.

Pinch – Crooked Head Pliers
It used to clamp something you can not use other types of pliers.

3. Brush

Brushes needed for cleaning computer parts like any laptop from dust.

4. Tweezers

For clamping and lifting components are very small, needed tweezers. You must have a pair of tweezers with various forms.

5. Wire Lead

Required for brand electronics on the mainboard, also can be used to glue and connect the broken cable.

6. Manual Soldier

Well, here’s where the solder serves to melt the lead wire, so that the wire melts and be able to glue the components on the mainboard or to melt lead on the components installed on the mainboard, and pull it out.

7. Steam Soldier Or Blower

This tool is specifically for heating the tin component attached to the mainboard, to pull it out or put it up. Of course, the components that can not be done by manual soldering, such as chipset, ic centipedes and others.

8. Infra Red

This tool is almost the same function as solder fumes, just by using infra-red, so the result is even better.

9. Lead Ball and Leg Chipset Mold

This is to reprint the legs chipset (reballing).

10. Analog and Digital Multimeter

Multimeter function very much, which is for measuring voltage of AC, DC, measure the voltage in the circuit mainboard, and it could be to measure the quality of electronic components such as resistors, diodes, capacitor and others.

12. Isolator or adhesive

Electrical Isolator
Used to glue the cable connections on your computer or laptop.

Heat Resistant Isolator
To protect other mainboard components that are around the components to be revoked by infra red, hot from being contaminated and damaged.

Paper Isolator 
Can for the record, because it can be had written in pencil and pen.

Reciprocal Isolator
To glue the two objects to blend, for example a laptop keyboard with the keyboard casing in bawak.

13. Glue

You need a glue gun to glue the laptop casing ruptured, and many more uses. For the usual kind that I use is the glue iron versatile glue dries quickly.

14. Glue Candle Along Shooter

Function shooting along with glue candles is very much. Almost all of these can be glued. But can not be used in any place because it is melt if exposed to heat.

15. Casing Opener

Casing Opener profit clearly functions open the laptop casing. Not just any laptop casing, but some other electronic goods can also be opened using this tool.

Actually you do not have to have all of the tools above. Only, if it has it all, it would be better to ease your job that has a lot of trouble.

Thus my writing about the tools necessary for servicing a computer or laptop. If there could be a shortage, please add via comments. Thank you

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