When CPU attached with a heat pad not thermal paste

A guy shared his story about Fun Experience:

I was working on a laptop today with the new i7 7700k Intel chip. The system would jump to 99c when you ran pretty much anything. Then it would cool back down again at idle.
I opened the case to re-paste and look for issues and what did I find? The CPU was attached with a heat pad not thermal paste! I removed the pad and applied IC Diamond paste and now the little bugger is running low 80s when under load which is normal for that chip. Its idles are down in the mid 30s.
I wont share the brand because accidents happen. I have told the company since the system was new. Hoping to hear back for its owner something like an apology. Well see.

– T. Spetter

Haven’t heard of that before, might be an accident? Definitely not automated by machine. But who the hell in their right mind would do that manually?

Company has been around so he is guessing it was a new guy. It had a slight bit of thermal paste next to the heat pad but no contact because the pad was thicker. It was a new one for me. I have never seen it before.

Then, the company was so upset when they found out what happened they gave the owner a gears of war 4 key and apologized profusely. Awesome customer service.

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