Your Android Smartphone Lost, Find Use Google

Finding your lost Android smartphone into today’s technology tips. Android-based smartphones can be found with Google. The important Gmail e-mail address and your phone’s GPS should be active.

Just follow these easy steps:

1. Open Google Search then click “Where’s My Phone”

2. Google search results will display maps with mobile tracking notifications. To ensure security and make sure the phone is yours, Google will ask for the e-mail password used.

3. No more than 10 seconds, the location of the existence of the phone will be displayed by Google.

The map will also display the description of the used mobile brand. Then there are two options: “Ring” and “Recover”.

If you click “Ring”, the phone will ring continuously. If “Recover”, the phone will be locked and automatically delete the data contained in it.

Actually, this way not only can be used to search for your lost Android phone. It also tracks the location of a person’s whereabouts. You must have a Gmail e-mail address and password, and an active GPS.

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