TSMC starts manufacturing the A11 chip for Apple’s iPhone 8

According to the Taiwanese branch service DigiTimes, TSMC has begun the mass production of the upcoming SoCs for Apple’s iPhone 8.

The mass production of the A11-SoC of Apple is already started. The A11 system-on-a-chip is likely to be installed in the upcoming iPhones by Apple for the first time. The Apple iPhone 8 is expected to be launched in the current year’s market and will be available in three different versions. The display of the iPhone 8 is to be an OELD model.

The A11-SoC from Apple is manufactured by TSMC in the 10-nm-design. After initial problems with the new production size, these are now completely eliminated by TSMC and the mass production of the Apple SoC as planned. The Apple A11-SoC has already been manufactured since April, so that up to 50 million units can be produced by July. In addition to being used in the new iPhone, the A11-SoC could also be used in a new iPad.

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