How to Protect Your iCloud Account

This week, a hacker group claims that they have access to hundreds of millions of iCloud accounts. Apple has denied this claim, stating that their system remains secure.

However, when ZDNet tries to test the reset function of 54 login data provided by hackers, they find that the data is true.

Apple said the data obtained by hackers is data from third-party services. However, according to 9to5Mac, three of the account customers contacted mentioned that they did not use the same password on other services.

Of course, it is possible whether the claims of the three men were truthful. Even so, it shows the potential that this hacker claims to be true. Therefore, it would not hurt if you do the 5 steps below to protect your account.

1. Change the password you
if you use a password iCloud on another site, then you should change the password that. Especially if you have been using the same password for years.

2. Make sure the 2-factor authentication feature is active
If you have not turned on the 2-factor authentication feature on your iCloud account, you should enable it immediately. That way, your account will not be accessible from unknown devices even if they know the password you are using.

With this feature active, when you or someone else is trying to access iCloud from a new device, Apple will send a verification code to a device you’ve used before. You must enter this code to log in to your iCloud account.

3. Check that what you’re activating is 2-factor authentication instead of 2-step verification There’s a chance you’ll only use an older, less secure 2-step verification system when compared to 2-factor authentication.

To check this, log in to your Apple ID and check the Security section. If it says “2-step verification”, you can turn it off and enable 2-factor authentication. If it says “2-factor authentication”, you’re safe.

4. Check the device that can access your iCloud account
Log in to the Apple ID site. Then go to the Devices section to see which devices are currently connected to your account. Make sure you recognize all of those accounts.

5. Use a password manager
Using a unique password for each site you use will make it difficult for you if you have to remember it for yourself. The only easy way to do this is to use a password manager.

Safari already comes with password management, which you can use if you’re using Safari on all your devices. However, third-party password managers can offer other features. For password manager, you can use 1password or LastPass.

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