How to Show Thumbnail RAW Photo .Nef Format on Windows

RAW files are raw light-captured data files of digital sensors. In its workflow to open RAW files are used special programs such as Capture NX, DPP, Silkypix, Adobe Camera Raw, and so on. Such programs can generally

Can not Play MKV File With MPC Codec or VLC, Try This

Hello guys, do you have a problem when you want to play movie with mkv format? you’re not alone. Because this case often happens on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or Windows 10. By default, in Windows Multimedia

The Quickest Way to Reset Windows 10 Fresh Installation

The computer is inseparable from the problem. Such as Windows that error, or exposed to viruses and others. If the damage or error on the software has been very severe, ordinary people decide to reinstall the OS.

File Data is Corrupt, Can I Resolve It?

Is there a way to fix a corrupted file? When you try to find troubleshooter via the internet? there may be some software that is able, even Google Drive also claimed to be able to fix it.

Edifier S1000DB: The Sound System of the Infernal Machine Ultra VR

No infernal machine without sound system: The Ultra VR will be donated the 2.0 speaker Edifier Studio S1000DB.     For a powerful sound output of the infernal machine Ultra VR active 2.0 sound system Edifier Studio

Review: Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Variable RGB Tower

It has been quite a while since Cooler Master introduced a new housing of the luxury class. In the end, one has devoted more to inexpensive entry-level models like the new MasterBox 5 for just 60 Euro

Open Application via CMD Command Prompt

to open an application on windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10, most people are looking for a desktop shortcut. There are more practical, by opening the application via the CMD command prompt. the code is here. 1.

How To Solve The Computer Problems

To be able to fix the computer problem, we must first be able to detect the cause of the malfunction Damage of the computer in the outline can be divided into two factors: 1. Hardware 2. Software First

How To Print Large Poster using 4 Pieces A4 Size Paper

When we want to print images in large size initially would be confused how to do. The problem is the printer that we have does not support to print images in large sizes at once. Generally printers

How to Fix Error 24 CorelDraw X4 (Solved)

Are you one of the users of CorelDRAW X4? Sometimes you need to know CorelDRAW X4 program will experience a bug or error. Precisely these bugs will happen when we opened first the CorelDRAW X4 to run.