X­Rite Color Checker Passport

X­Rite Color Checker Passport is a color calibrator for editing and providing color solutions for every photographer looking for more precise and accurate colors, consistent color and versatility. Color Checker Passport can be called with color checker card and software for color calibration, DNG profiling and customizing photos. This product comes with cards and software.

X­Rite Color Checker Passport features:

Compatible Software with MAC or PC and DNG profile, Lightroom 2.0 or later, Adobe Camera RAW 4.5 or later

Macintosh MacOS X 10.4.11 or 10.5.x, 512MB RAM, G4 Processor or higher, 350MB available disk space application.

Windows, Microsoft Windows XP 32 or 64 bit or Microsoft Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit, 512MB RAM, 200 MB available disk space

Compatible Software For use with DNG profiles, Lightroom 2.0 or later, Adobe Camera RAW 4.5 or

Humidity Range: 85% or less, non­condensing,

Temperature range for normal case use: 104 degrees Fahrenheit / 40 degrees Celsius

Monitor resolution 1024 × 768 pixels or higher

This tool is very useful to adjust the image / photo. Such as the color is not the same between the monitor and the print. Price range for this color calibration tool is about $100

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