What difference about monitor 60hz and 144hz

Essentially a 60 hz monitor can only handle up to 60 frames per second, while a 144 can handle up to 144 frames per second. This all depends on the power of your pc as well, so you’re not guaranteed to hit that limit. For example I hit the max on Overwatch because it’s well optimized and runs very smooth, but in PUBG I usually hover around the 45-55 fps mark because it’s more demanding.

People will say you won’t notice a difference, but I definitely did when I tested it out on OW and Doom. The movement is just smoother, but a 60 hz monitor is good as well, don’t have to have a 144 to have a good gaming experience.

I’ve heard once you go 144, you can’t go back. Kinda like hitting 60fps then going onto console at 30

60hz, =60 Frames Per Second the monitor will display. 144Mhz, =144 Mhz the monitor will display. Anything higher you might experience tearing in graphics and what not. A good balance would to get a 120Mhz Refresh Rate, with a Response time of at no more then 2ms. The Response time it important when playing fast pace games, you wont see ghosting (a translucent image left briefly as a target is moving faster. Also to make a note, for most monitors to accurately run at 144Mhz, you will need a DVI Connection.

A 60hz panel shows 60 separate images per second whilst a 144hz panel shows 120 separate images per second.
This means that over the course of 10 seconds the 60hz panel will display 600 Seperate Frames whilst the 144hz panel will display 1440.

The higher the hz the smoother it looks.

Easily tell the difference between 30FPS and 60FPS. Many of us can even tell the difference at even higher frame rates. (Provided you have the monitor to support them, of course.)

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