Lenovo Desktop PC Tiny-in-One 2.0 for Business Segment

Lenovo launched its latest desktop computer ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One (TiO) to address the needs of second generation business. TiO computer comes with a screen size of the monitor that is more diverse, ie 21.5 and 24 inches.


Lenovo ThinkPad Tiny in One 2.0


The screen design of Tiny-in-One 2.0 has a very thin frame and borderless and can be customized easily for having the option of ODD and ergonomic seat.

“The combination of monitor and PC in the Tiny-in-One 2.0 experience to users as if wearing All-in-one PC, ” said Mr. Aziz of Lenovo PCG.

Design Tiny-in-One is the latest highly compact only 1 liter, in contrast to traditional larger computers. Users also can adjust both the chipset and the CPU according to his needs. Access to audio and USB connection 3.0 is also provided at the front for convenience.

In addition, the Tiny-in-One 2.0 only uses a single cable that connects the power cord to the mini PC monitor. That matter create a cleaner environment around the computer because there are no messy wires.

Especially for PC, TIO 2.0 have software APS (active protection system) which helps to minimize damage to the hard disk.

“[Components] the most crucial hard disk [for] a PC-like mobile mini notebook. Because the [size] smaller, more easily and can often be moved, so we ksoftware to minimize damage to the disc, one of which APS software,” he said.

To use this computer, users simply insert the mini PC to latch on the back of the monitor. “Installation is easier.

Just enter the PC into the slot inside the monitor has been designed in such a way. Then, if you use a USB port, stay using the port on the front of the monitor,” said Aziz.

Aziz claimed only takes about 5 minutes to install Tiny PC with the monitor can be lit up.

In addition, the second generation product is no longer to be turned on by pressing the On / Off button. Users simply press Alt + P on the keyboard to turn on the computer.

There is also a Reset Intelligent Cooling System which keeps the temperature of your computer while maintaining the performance and consumption electricity.

“The price (IOP) is highly variable because it can be adapted to the various needs of consumers. Depending on it configuration, such as whether to use HD or SSD,” he said.

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