HyperX Alloy FPS, Simple for FPS Gamers

If you’re asking what kind of keyboard I like the most, I’ll definitely answer the keyboard with a compact and easy-to-carry format. This also applies to gaming keyboards. What is the reason? Simply put, the compact keyboard allows me to set the table better so I can put other supporting equipment that is more important and more needed place.

Maybe you are the type of gamer that does not matter if still using mouse pad size 15x15cm. However, in the competitive gaming world especially for the first-person shooter game, a large mouse pad is a must have on the table.

The reason is simple, professional FPS gamers usually use the low DPI configuration in the mouse that is used because to improve accuracy. While large mouse pad is required for the mouse can be moved more freely. Large mouse pads will take up space so it’s good if the keyboard is a compact size.

That’s what I want to emphasize on HyperX Alloy FPS. The Kingston-made mechanical keyboard that bears the HyperX gaming brand is indeed very compact. The shape is very minimalist and high board with a surface not as thick as a gaming keyboard in general.

HyperX Alloy FPS is also not equipped with various additional buttons. It only appears as a full-size keyboard with a very minimalist form. Not only that, additional functionality such as macro buttons is also not available on this keyboard. Backlight provided is also only red and does not follow the current trend of RGB backlight.

However, the level of comfort and performance of this keyboard is very good. HyperX Alloy FPS that uses the Cherry MX Red button has a very good response to each type. Even typing sequences can also be displayed very well thanks to the embedded anti-ghosting technology.

I usually feel uncomfortable using a keyboard without a palm rest. Interestingly, when tested this keyboard, feels very comfortable. Even this keyboard is still faithful to accompany me in work. In addition to having the exact traveling distance to play games and typing, this keyboard is also not too high so I like using the palm rest.


Dibanderol for Rp1.580.000, HyperX Alloy FPS is a keyboard that should be taken into account especially if you are very serious in the field of competitive FPS games. The feature is not as elegant as other gaming keyboards, but he managed to look concise and still comfortable to use. In addition, its performance is also very good for targeting competitive game market.


Easy to travel
Good performance


Minimal features
No dedicated buttons

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