Did You Really Need Curved Monitor?

Don’t buy curved monitors. Dying breed of monitors. If you really wanna buy into this PR gag, wait 6+ months. Prices are gonna drop HARD.

Sales are going down, they might make your experience more immersive, but thats mainly the 21:9 imho. Tested both, the curved ones usually just worse for people around you.

But aren’t they making the next generation of asus curved monitors? The 4k 144hz one?

I don’t think it’s dying if they’re still making them

They won’t disappear from one to the next one, but the market is getting smaller, they sell less. You gotta be no genius to understand whats happening. If the demand drops..

Aight maybe that’s just a ‘me thing’ but I have friends over regularly and we tend to chill infront of my pc a bit until we move on. On my curved that was a terrible experience, viewing angle and such. But ay, as I just said, might just be a ‘me thing’.

You can get the same monitor uncurved with the same parts, it will cost less. And it’s a fact, wether you know it or not is not of interested tbh, that those monitors are selling less and less, even tho they didn’t sell as good as 16:9/21:9 monitors. So yeah, sales are going back, brands stop producing them on mass and so on. But in the end, you gotta buy it. If you dont care about money – do it. Or wait and get a sick deal if you wanna go curved for some reason.

I mainly fall for 21:9 screens tbh – the estetics are just too.. wow.. sucks that games don’t flawlessly support it. Most do, but I switched to my 16:9 again and use the 21:9 as a media screen – as it is pretty. But the way games somehow ‘cheat’ around the 21:9 makes me sick. I love games that use it flawlessly, but OW and many early access games just zoom in so you get that 21:9 feel – ugh makes me sick! But the 21:9 is where its at!

Most people fall in love when they see it once or rather use it once, BF also uses it well. But ye witcher 3 is sick too, I hope the 21:9 format will get more popular. It already got more popular then when I first got one, which is why I got so pissed that 2 years later some games STILL act like 21:9 is gimmicky..

Even the first one looked pretty good – they just need to ‘one up’ the rest of the game. But it really seems like they stepped their game up, from what I heard and what you can read already! Def. looking out for that one.

I’m not saying ‘curved screens are shite by default’ and it is immersive, but when I checked out screens, they’re always a cut above the rest in terms of prices and most of the time with the same specs or worse. With the 21:9 screens I kinda get the argument, you get ‘more screen’ or rather a wider field of view, but the curved thing is mostly just a way to make monitors more expensive, I dislike that fact. I know that there are plenty of 1 ms huge af screens and I adore any screen in the 21:9 format, but Im not willing to spend more money ‘on the looks’ of a screen if you catch my drift. That being said, if you get a reasonably priced deal – why not. I personally just kinda boycott it by default, because it is meant to make monitors more expensive without reeeally enhancing the experience. Sorta. I get the immersive thing, but for me it was the 21:9 format that did that to me. Some dudes on fb post shit like’ switchsd from 16:9 to a 21:9 curved, curved is awesome’ but imho you prolly like the aspect ratio more then the curved thing, but that might just be my opinion, ya know. But ye, I dont like products that are more expensive because they have some gimmicky feature … Im ranting xD

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