Which Better Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV

Multimedia in the living room promise streaming boxes of Apple and Amazon. Let’s see the differences.

With the Apple TV 4 and its new TVOS which has opened the door to third-party apps that Streamingbox from Apple became really interesting. But Apple is not alone with the opportunity to see with other apps additional features such as TV stations, games and weather forecasts on the television. This also offers the competitor Amazon Fire TV.

comparation of the most important areas of streaming boxes together:

Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV

apple tv vs amazon fire tv

Maximum video resolution:

Full HD vs 4K

Dolby Audio:

Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 vs Dolby audio, 5.1 surround sound, 2ch Stereo and HDMI audio passthrough to 7.1

Storage for Apps

32/64 GB vs 8 GB, also via Micro-SD up to 128GB

Game Controller support

SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller and MFi based controllers vs Amazon Fire TV game controllers, each game other Bluetooth Controller


No vs Connecting an external USB hard drive possible


HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.1, USB C for maintenance vs HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.0, Miro SD slot, USB 2.0

size in mm

98 x 98 x 35 vs 115 x 115 x 17.8

The operating systems: Android against TVOS

Basically, both boxes hardly differ in their function. Both offer the ability to load third-party apps and are connected to the cloud services. The Amazon Fire TV sets this on a custom Android OS and the TVOS the Apple TV based on iOS, which is also used by the iPhone and iPad. Thus, the offer is based on the two streaming boxes continue as similar to the smartphones.

For Apple users provides an Apple TV, of course a much better integration of Apple services. Because you can, for example, via the Apple TV via Airplay use the TV as a second screen for your Macbook or display content from the iPhone on the TV. With a paid add-on app such as AirReceiver You can also stream content from your iPhone or iPad to an Amazon Fire TV via Airplay. The iTunes library is on a Mac or a NAS (network attached storage), you can use that.

The candidates

Apple TV 4

Advantages: Best integration to Apple devices and iCloud services, very large app selection, supports game controllers and multiplayer mode

Disadvantages: No App for Amazon Prime and Google Store

Price: 32 GB: 179 Euro, 64 GB: 229 Euro

Amazon Fire TV Box

Advantages: For the performance offered low, Amazon Prime offers available, great app listing, supports game controllers and multiplayer mode

Disadvantages: No app for iCloud services and the iTunes Store and the Google Store, by voice only search possible

Price: 99 euros

Search by voice

Both the Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, you can search by voice for content. The speech recognition is very good in both boxes. But Amazon is understood only to the voice input of search terms, such as “Udo Lindenberg” music or “Laurel and Hardy” for the offer in Amazon Video. Apple TV is here intelligent and can, for example, reflect and announce what the weather is the most popular latest songs using voice commands.


The Apple TV offers a more complete voice control as the Amazon Fire TV, with which one can enter only by voice search commands. The voice recognition is good in both boxes.

App selection

Apple TV 4: The TVOS based on the iOS for iPhone and iPad. This close relationship of the systems makes it very easy to bring iOS apps on the TV. Accordingly huge is the offer of additional apps for the Apple TV.

Amazon Fire TV: Over 4000 apps can be found for the streaming box from Amazon. Among these media libraries of ARD and ZDF, as well as popular games that are available also for Apple TV. The selection of apps is similar extensive as that of Apple.


The app offer reflects about the offer for iOS and Android smartphones again. Most of the most popular apps on the Apple TV, see so well on the Amazon Fire TV.


Apple TV 4: The TVOS offers a variety of games, including many free. In addition to the supplied remote control, you can use a suitable game controller – and with the upcoming TVOS can also use remote app to play. In addition, the Apple TV supports local Muliplayer. So you can in the family organize for example a bowling match in the living room.

Amazon Fire TV: As with the other apps you will also find the most popular games on the Amazon Fire TV. And the Amazon Fire TV supports game controllers and local multiplayer. So the application range is almost as large as that of the Apple TV. With one limitation: The remote control is only limited to play.


Both streaming boxes are prepared for the occasional game in the living room – the Apple TV thanks to its gaming-grade supplied remote little better.

Streaming services for music and video

Apple TV 4: Perfectly aligned with the Apple service is the Apple TV. To allow access to all iTunes offers, in addition to the iTunes Store and Apple Music. In addition, see the streaming services of large providers like Netflix. However, you have to do without an app competitors Amazon Prime and Google Store. These offers can only be used via the detour of an iPhone or iPad with the Apple TV. Play there the desired content from and transmit them via Airplay to Apple TV.

Amazon Fire TV: Even with the Streminger offers both boxes are very similar. Because the Amazon Fire TV is optimally designed for the Amazon Prime offers. However, you can not look directly at the Amazon Fire TV, the iTunes deal. But is similar to the Apple TV also a detour via an iOS device possible. The iTunes content on these devices you can play with the app AirReceiver via airplay on the Amazon Fire TV.


When buying decision for one of the two boxes the choice of the preferred streaming service can be crucial. The advantage of Amazon Prime is the low price of 49 euros per year, which already includes many offers. Other films and series you can buy or rent in addition as the iTunes Store. However, you can use on the Apple TV next to iTunes offers comfortable iCloud services. So you have for example, from the Apple TV from accessing your photos.

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Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV are both excellent and sophisticated streaming boxes. They are optimized to the particular streaming offer. Somewhat easier to use is the Apple TV, which is not only a search by voice allows via Siri, but reacted more complex instructions. In addition, the remote control of the Apple TV feature-rich and is even suitable for action games. For Apple users Apple TV has also represent further advantages such as the ability to screen content of a Macbook on the television with a HomeKit support. Who all is not required, receives a convenient way to use the Amazon Prime offers on TV and the Amazon Fire TV. The range of games and third-party apps do not differ dramatically from the offer for the Apple TV.

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