Acer XF240H cheap gaming monitor with 144 hertz refresh rate Review

The Acer XF240H is a 24-inch gaming monitor with full-HD resolution. A display class, which is particularly popular with e-athletes, as the compact panel size also allows very fast game sequences to be kept completely in view. Whether the Acer XF240H meets the expectations, our test shows.

The Acer XF240H presents itself at first sight in a rather sober design, compared to the often martial exterior of some other display, which are gumming in the gaming market. That the 24-inch screen is aimed at the game market, you can only see a narrow red application around the stable foot. The internal values ‚Äčof the Acer XF240H can be quite impressive. The gaming screen supports AMD’s freesync technology and creates a maximum refresh rate of 144 hertz. The Acer Eyeprotect also features various features such as flickerfree, low dimming and a blue-light filter, which should guarantee better game play.


The Acer XF240H is a good though not outstanding gaming monitor. The game performance itself is nothing to complain about, the model also brings challenging and fast games flawlessly and smoothly on the screen. The limitations lie in the overall picture quality, which can not quite compete with the best competitors. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look at the Acer XF240H also for serious gamers. The monitor is comparatively cheap, currently with 299 euro listed and costs on the road significantly less.


+ Good game performance

+ High refresh rates

+ Genuine power switch

+ Ergonomic adjustment options


– high maximum power consumption

– some unnatural color reproduction

The gaming model Acer XF240H is based on a simple TN panel, which guarantees very fast response times and low input lag – which is also confirmed in the test. However, it suffers from a high viewing angle dependency and a somewhat unnatural color reproduction. However, we have to say that this is particularly noticeable in static images. When playing, the slight color shift to the reddish color is not particularly noticeable. Brightness and contrast are on a good level. Otherwise the Acer XF240H behind the gaming a positive impression. Playback with high-performance games runs smoothly and fluently.


In addition to the usual HDMI and Displayport inputs for current gaming screens, a DVI interface is also integrated in the Acer XF240H, whereby the maximum picture rates of up to 144 hertz can only be achieved via Displayport. Positive: The cable is included in the scope of supply.


Modern gaming monitors have to adapt optimally to the installation location in order to guarantee optimal conditions for the gamer. And the Acer XF240H does not disappoint here. The model can be adjusted in height and turned on the foot as well as tilt, leaving the foot a very stable impression. The on-screen menu provides special setting options for players, such as presets, and can be easily controlled using the front panel adjustment buttons.

power consumption

In operation, the Acer XF240H requires over 30 watts, much for a 24-inch display with TN panel. This is due to the high maximum brightness – downregulated, the energy supply also drops significantly. In stand-by mode, the meter also shows high – 1.1 watts. On the other hand, the Acer XF240H is one of the few current screens that has a real power switch that completely eliminates the 24-inch monitor.

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