Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air: Kaby-Lake and Pascal as a fingerprint edition

Mi Notebook Air was introduced more than a year ago by Xiaomi as an entry into the notebook business, is growing. In the future, a “fingerprint edition” will be offered alongside the well-known model. This includes the upgrade of the processor and the GPU on Kaby Lake and GeForce MX150 also a fingerprint sensor.

Hardware upgrade limited to the 13.3 inch model

The Mi Notebook Air, launched by comparatively young Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi in the style of the MacBook Air, will be divided into two different performance classes in the future. In the “Classic Edition” the previous versions with 12.5- and 13.3-inch screen are to be assembled with the original hardware configuration. In the new ” Fingerprint-Edition “, the 13.3-inch model is distributed in a hardware version.

Kaby-Lake CPUs and Pascal graphics for the Fingerprint edition

If the information published by Xiaomi on the product page is correct, the larger model of the Mi Notebook Air alone will be upgraded to Kaby Lake CPUs. In the processor, Xiaomi changes from the Core i5-6200U to the Core i5-7200U and Core i7-7500U (test), which are selected in the “Fingerprint Edition”. At the same time, an adaptation of the graphics card to the current Pascal generation of Nvidia is also taking place.

The GeForce MX 150 with 2 GB GDDR5-VRAM replaces the first-generation GeForce 940MX, which achieves a performance increase of up to 30 percent. As before, the more powerful 13.3-inch model is equipped with 8 GB of RAM and comes with a preinstalled PCIe SSD. At the same time capacities of 128 GB and 256 GB are available.

Fingerprint sensor in unchanged housing

Apparently, Xiaomi alone has reworked the technical base of the notebook in the ” Fingerprint Edition ” and the housing measuring the weight of 1.28 kilograms (W × D × H) of the first Generation. Only the touchpad, positioned in the middle, is now equipped with an integrated fingerprint sensor, as the name suggests. Also the display and the interfaces the manufacturer has obviously no changes implemented.

The price has risen slightly

Xiaomi plans to release the Mi Notebook Air Fingerprint Edition on June 18 for sale. With Core i5-7200U and 128 GB SSD the price is to be 5,000 yuan (converted 657 euros). For the variant with 256 GB SSD, a price surcharge of approximately 70 euros to 5,500 yuan (converted 723 euros) is due. The first Mi-notebook Mi (Core i5-6200U), now marked with the addition ” Classic Edition “, costs 682 euros at the market launch. The prices for the notebooks with Core i7 has not yet revealed Xiaomi.

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