Whats Wrong with New Macbook Pro

After Apple removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, the new MacBook Pro like several connections to suffering cuts. Much to the annoyance of users. Anyone who wants to use his usual devices required an adapter.


Apple users like photographers and videographers grumble in social media about the new MacBook Pro. They are angry because they Apple important standards such as the SD card reader in its recently introduced laptop models has taken away. To read about imagery, you must now connect an external card reader or cable adapter.

Users disconnected from iPhone 7

The new MacBook Pro with touch bar four Thunderbolt 3 ports are installed on the 13-inch model without touch bar, there are only two of these ports. An SD card reader, a dedicated HDMI port, another USB ports and the MagSafe charging cable connections as with the old Macbook Pro are no longer present.

Thunderbolt 3 with USB-C connector does have advantages. It does not matter whether you connect a charging cable, a hard disk, projector or monitor it. The catch: Most devices are designed not for USB-C. Even Apple fails here, for the iPhone 7 is also need an adapter. The smartphone with Lightning connector is a single cable with USB-A connector. A Lightning-to-USB-C Cable offers Apple in his shop for 29 euros. Who needs an adapter cable of Thunderbolt 2 Thunderbolt on 3, needs to spend as much as 59 euros.

MacBook with additional

Anyone who spends even at least 1699 euro for a new MacBook Pro, though likely feel little desire in addition to need to buy adapters to make everything work. An overview:

Thunderbolt 2 : Who wants to connect Thunderbolt hard drives or Apple now adjusted Thunderbolt Display, need an adapter from Thunderbolt 2 on 3rd reason: The connectors are shaped differently. Cost of the cable at the Apple Store: 59 Euro. Lightning : The supplied the iPhone charge and sync cable has a USB plug of type A. For connecting an iPhone to a new MacBook Pro, an adapter or a new cable is either necessary, the but does not fit into the charger of the iPhone. Costs for the charging cable: 29 Euro. USB : USB flash drives , hard drives, mice, keyboards, phones and other USB devices now need an adapter from 3 to Thunderbolt USB Type-A. Cost: Currently only available for 19 US dollars in English Apple Store. This is our experience also the Euro price. HDMI : Should go a projector can be connected for a presentation, an adapter Thunderbolt to HDMI 3 is necessary for it. Cost: 79 euros. This adapter provides additional ports for USB-A and USB-C. Memory card : The SD card slot is eliminated in the new generation of MacBook Pro. Memory cards can now be read only by cable from the camera or via an adapter. Costs for the adapter: around 55 euros. LAN cable : If only one network cable and no WiFi available, there is an adapter for connecting Gigabit LAN. Cost: Approximately 40 euros.

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