MSI GT75VR Titan, high-end gaming laptop with the great features

MSI GT75VR Titan, Latest High-end Gaming Laptop With HDR Display Reliable Cooling System Reliable.

Why buy a separate gaming desktop when it comes to bringing all the desktop features together in it? Yes, MSI’s flagship laptop, the GT75VR Titan, is a gaming machine monster, with the usual specs found on today’s high-end desktops, such as dual GTX 1070 GPUs in SLI, Intel Core ™ i7 7820HK processor and mechanical keyboard.

However, if you do not want dual 1070 GPU, MSI reportedly also has provided a laptop with a single GPU option that is GTX 1070 or GTX 1080. Intel Core i7-7820HK CPU can be overclocked to exceed 4GHz performance. The existing 17.3-inch 120Hz 4K screen panel supports HDR for livelier colors, and claims to cover 100% of the Adobe spectrum.

SteelSeries RGB MSI GT75VR mechanical keyboard comes with adjustable backlight at individual key levels, and the armrest has a unique diamond shape. In addition to Nahimic VR and MSI TrueColor, this gaming laptop has also been supported by the Cooling Boost Titan technology that is able to maintain low GPU temperatures to deliver even more amazing performance.

This gaming laptop is currently showing off at Computex 2017 Taipeh annual event. However, MSI itself seems to have not announced the price and availability of GT75VR Titan so far.

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