Macbook Pro with Kaby-Lake CPU significantly more powerful

The new edition of Apple Macbook Pro is about 20 percent more powerful computing power compared to its predecessor.

About eight months after the introduction of the last Macbook Pro, Apple has subjected the popular notebook to a general overhaul of the inner life. In the 15-inch notebook, a Core i7-7820HQ will be used in the future, instead of the model introduced in November 2016, which is equipped with a Core i7-6820HQ Skylake generation.

In a first Geekbench-3 benchmark the new Macbook Pro achieved 4,632 points in the single-thread test run and 15,747 points when using all cores and threads.

The predecessor model comes only in the same benchmark procedure to 4,098 points in the single-thread test and to 13,155 points in the multi-thread test.

The increased power can be attributed mainly to the increase in the standard clock speed from 2.7 to 2.9 GHz. In both models tested 16 gigabytes of memory have been installed.

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