LENOVO YOGA A12 : 2-in-1 with Android and Halo Keyboard

Lenovo has an unusual 2-in-1 Yoga Book reissued in a better version: The Yoga A12 waived the pin detection and has less memory and RAM, but the display is larger and the price by 40 percent at lower levels: $ 299 cost flexible tablet with Android.

With the Halo Keyboard from the Yoga Book

The touch screen keyboard “Halo Keyboard”, which in this case is permanently embedded, has remained with the Yoga A12. In the Yoga Book, on the other hand, the keyboard can give way to a drawing surface, which recognizes pen-pens. Because this also works through a piece of paper, the user can directly digitize classic transcripts on one page. Haptic feedback during typing is also available with the Yoga A12.

In similar case with the at the thinnest point just 5.4 millimeters thin base and weighing ” under one kilogram ” sets the Yoga A12 on a display with 12.2 inch diagonal. The book offers only 10.1 inches. However, the resolution has declined: 1,280 × 720 pixels (HD) are previously compared to 1,920 × 1,080 pixels (Full HD). The display can be folded 360 degrees, the A12 has two classic hinges, the Yoga Book uses Lenovo’s wide articulated hinge.

Same CPU, less memory

A processor of the class Intel Atom x5 is still used as a processor, instead of 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of flash memory, it is only 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash memory.

Only with Android from February 8 in the trade

The Yoga A12 will only appear with Android as the operating system. The suggested retail price for the US is $ 299. The yoga book with Android, however, costs 499 US dollars, which with Windows 10 549 US dollars. The delivery begins on February 8, 2017. At Lenovo, prices and availability for Germany have not yet been expressed.

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