Dell Alienware M14x 2017 Specifications and Price

Dell factory this one is already famous for its products that are always intended for the upper-class gamers. Almost in all the products he offers are aimed at game lovers around the world. And it can not be denied that the performance of Dell laptop for gamers is fantastic. Graphics provided by Dell is able to display games with the largest HD format can appear very nicely. And not just in the field of graphics, Dell laptop also has a performance that great. Supported by a processor, the right memory to create a blend of graphics and laptop performance Dell manufacturer become a mainstay for the gamers.

In the display area, Dell Alienware M14x Laptop offers a 14.0 “screen size that is not too big for the size of a modern laptop even for gamers. But with such screen size, Dell Alienware carrying NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics card to provide technology with LED Glossy LCD Backlight on the laptop screen. In addition, this laptop also has a high enough resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. And what I know, the specs are very enough to play the game with a good look. And certainly no lag.

On the inside of this laptop, Dell Alienware M14x in cultivating Intel Core i7 processor with speed 2300.0 MHz. Can you imagine a specification of that size, and have you imagined with the specs you want to play what game? hehe. And to complete the above spec, to play the big games would require a large hard drive memory as well. So in this laptop gives HD size of 750 GB. The size is already quite large, considering that most laptops have a 500GB HD.

In the RAM do not be surprised, Dell Alienware M14x gives the biggest RAM as long as I write an article on this blog, which is the size of 8GB RAM and 1600.0 MHz speed. So sorry, I can not argue why gamers like this laptop. Indeed, because the specification is especially for the gamers who want to play the game smoothly and smoothly without lag or jammed. Well, let’s discuss the full specs.

m14x and m15x

m14x and m15x

Dell Alienware M14x Laptop Specs

Size (L x W x H mm) 33.7 x 37.8 x 2.6
Screen 1600 x 900 pixels, Glossy LCD with LED Backlight
OS Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
CPU Intel Core i7 – Speed 2300 GHz
Memory / RAM 4 GB DDR3 1600 GHz
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M
Touch Screen Yes (supports 10 fingers together)
Harddisk 750 GB
Speaker Stereo
Connection Bluetoth, WiFi
USB port USB 3.0 Latest
Slot Memory Stick, SD / MMC Card, SDHC Card, xD-Picture Card
Battery 5: 3 (hh: mm)
Weight 2.2 Kg
Price information: $1400

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