This is the Cause of Overheat Laptops

The cause of the laptop is hot and how to solve it. Heat is one of the biggest enemies for laptops. Excessive heat from a laptop can disrupt the performance of the laptop itself, and of course, also can disrupt the performance of its use. Compared to a PC, laptops tend to heat up more easily. Because usually a PC still has space in it that can be used for air circulation, so the air circulation in the PC tends to be better than the laptop. While laptops with a thinner design and minimalist, automatically cause the components in it to be very dense, so that the air circulation inside not so good. This time I will describe some things that can cause the laptop to be hot fast.

Maybe some of the things that I say the following are some of the many cases cause the laptop hot fast. Of course, the following reviews are based on my personal experience and are taken from several sources. Here are some things that can cause your laptop heat quickly.

Causes the Laptop Heat


Duration of Usage Time

We certainly already know, the use of laptops in a long time can trigger the increase in temperature on the components – components that exist on the laptop. Moreover, if the laptop is used for heavy work, such as playing games or for the needs of design graphics, this further accelerate the laptop gets hot.

Laying Laptop When Used

Sometimes we just use our laptop in the bad place, regardless of whether or not impact on the performance of our laptops. Laying a laptop in the position of being used to be important because it can affect the air circulation in the laptop. For example, we often use the laptop and placed on the mattress or pillow above, this can inhibit the air circulation on the laptop whose effect is to accelerate the process of heat temperature increase in the components – components therein. Continuous use of such a method can lead to accumulation of dirt on components that exist in the laptop, such as on the heatsink processor.

Fan Not Working Normally

A fan that does not work normally is one cause of the rapid heat of the laptop when used because if the fan does not work normally, it will cause the heat inside the laptop to accumulate and difficult to get out because of poor circulation and the fan malfunction to drain the cold Components inside the laptop. Problems like this usually arise because of the amount of dirt that accumulates on the fan that can compress the performance of the fan itself.

Thermal Paste is Dry

We know that one component that is hot on the laptop is on the processor, now usually at the top of the processor is given a kind of gel called thermal paste which aims to reduce or reduce the heat generated by the processor. If the laptop is new, there is usually no problem with the thermal paste, but after a long period of time, the thermal paste will dry out, and this will affect the heat generated by the processor itself.

Then how to overcome the laptop hot fast?
The cause – the cause of the problem fast laptop that overheated already I mentioned above. For the solution please read the article on Tips on Troubleshooting Fast Laptop Heat. I distinguish the article so that the discussion and discussion can be more intensive. Thank you for your visit.

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