Asus ZenScreen Offers 15.6 Inch Screen Equipped with Pen

Asus recently showcased the new USB ZenScreen screen at Computex that took place in Taipei this week and the device comes with a pen that helps keep the screen upright in landscape or portrait orientation. Asus ZenScreen is actually a pretty brilliant device that makes everything simple and focused on the basics.

USB display is important for people who travel a lot and prefer to use for multi-screen setup. Because the laptop only offers one screen, of course, it has not been able to meet those needs. This is where a USB screen like Asus ZenScreen comes to target these market segments. Given that this device will be used by the majority of people who are mobile, it makes sense to keep the size and weight as low as possible. This is where ZenScreen shines because it only measures 8mm and weighs 780 grams, with a cool design.

15.6-inch screen comes with 1080p resolution and carrying the IPS panel with 6.5mm slim bezel. Note that the smart case included with ZenScreen does not provide different orientation levels. But if you want to show off a cool metal body and want to keep it simple, then you just have to insert a pen into the slot in the bottom right corner and it will keep the screen upright. Remember, this screen does not support touch or stylus input, so even if there is a pen provided in the box, it only serves as a buffer.

As for the specifications, Asus ZenScreen comes with eight preset video modes, TÜV Rheinland certified for free flicker technology, and four levels of bluelight filters. There is a USB Type-C port for input and several buttons for power and menu at the bottom. As for the price, Asus ZenScreen price for $ 249.

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