Acer Aspire VX15 VX5-591G – GTX 1050 Gaming Laptop Review

In a budget range of less than $ 1,000, may all agree that Acer Aspire VX15 offers the most eye-catchy design. Compete tightly with Dell Inspiron 7567 which have little in common. Yup, both of them show the exhaust design above average. In my opinion, the design of Acer Aspire VX15 at a glance similar to the design of Compal NL8.

Specifications and Price Acer Aspire VX15 VX5-591G

Display : 15.6″ Full HD 1920 x 1080 (Non-IPS)
Processor : 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ Processor (2.80 Ghz, 6M Cache)
Memory : 8GB DDR4
Hard Drive : 1TB HDD
Graphics : NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 with 4 GB of GDDR5
Optical Drive : No
Operating System : DOS
Camera : HD Camera with 1280×720 resolution, 720p HD audio/video recording, High dynamic range imaging (HDR)
Audio : Acer TrueHarmony technology | Optimized Dolby® Audio Premium® in Two Built-in Stereo Speakers
Networking : IEEE 802.11ac
Slots/Interface :
1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type C port
1 x USB 2.0 ports
2 x USB 3.0 ports
SD Card Reader
Battery : 52.5 Wh 4605 mAH 11.4 V 3-cell Li-ion battery pack
System Dimensions : 389 (W) x 265.5 (D) x 28/28.9 (H) mm
Weight : 2.5Kg

Some interests seem to deter Acer from making the Aspire VX15 price as expected – since there is price information on their official web. Even for SKU with core specifications i7 7700HQ, Acer must trim the IPS panel, OS and SSD to catch $ 1000 price. Then, what can be considered Mobile PC gamers to choose Acer Aspire VX15, compared to some of its competitors in the cheaper price tag? the answer is… read my review below.

Design, Build Quality & Handling

Keep in mind, Acer Aspire VX15 is still the Aspire line-up that will continue the Aspire tradition that is in the target for middle-low consumer, though in the specs as good as nitro V.

Aspire with plastic material to cut the selling price, this has happened since the era of aspire 4700 series, offering price to super class performance.

Build quality is pretty good. At first glance looks good, but after doing disassembly, just seen how Acer tried to make their products have a good durability. Includes the inside of the bottom case that is made very impressive.

Starting from the reinforcement frame construction to the dust filter in the fresh air entry holes.

With a length of 390mm and a width of 265mm, the dimensions of the VX15 are quite compact. Almost similar to Asus ROG GL502VM.

From the dimensions of thickness, Acer Aspire VX15 is in the middle, not thick and not too thin. In the range of 15.6-GPU GTX 1050 laptops, they are outrun with MSI GL62m 7RD (29mm) and Gigabyte Saber 15 (26.5mm). But they are still thinner than Asus FX553VD or Strix GL553 series, even Dell Inspiron 7567. From the weight, can say, all 1050 laptops are almost balanced, about 2.5KG.

For the VX15 is slightly heavier, more than 2.6KG because the material is thicker. This is why they promise better durability.

For LCD cover design, brushed aluminum texture is very massive. I say it’s the most massive among the few products that rely on the same design.

Unfortunately, the ‘strigh line’ flanking the Acer logo is not lit.

With the concept of hings, which is moved to the middle like the Dell Inspiron 7567 and Y700, gives more access for designers to highlight the exhaust area. The result, the exhaust area on the VX15 performed very well and managed to become a sweet point on this product.

Display Panel, Workstation dan I/O Port

Unit review, Acer aspire VX15 using TN artificial panel Chinmei. Acer’s default feature seems unable to make the display quality improved. The rest, please see the example of how it looks on the video we take.

Somewhat different from workstation, experience presented keyboard with red backlit color is good enough.

Like many other gaming laptops, 4 WASD buttons are also marked with different lining. However, the power button is fused. The effect, a bit difficult to rush into sleep state.

For the VX15 touchpad is probably one of the widest compared to the others. Using the one surface system, the resulting click sound is also quite minimal. Some features including multi gesture also can be directly used after windows ready.

For I / O ports and connectivity, the Acer Aspire VX 15 is not particularly prominent. Additionally, the placement side of each port is not good enough to support work for most users who use the mouse on the right side.

Important ports such as USB 3.0, USB 3.1 type C, HDMI and RJ45 ports, are lined up on the right side. This can make connecting cables look overlapped when in use.

Audio System & Connectivity

One thing that also got a positive note on the quality of speakers VX15. Initially, it looks normal on the dimensions and finishing of the speakers attached. However, once played, the sound output generated is enough to make us amazed.

Range of frequencies that can be in production is the most widespread in the appeal of several competitors class. Bass and tone are high, sounds can be separated well. Almost similar to Acer V nitro sound quality.

Acer is very concerned with the performance of connectivity on each of their notebook products.

WiFi a / c hardware is standard on the latest Acer notebook products. We make sure, MU-MIMO Feature is not just a gimmick-marketing, Acer unveils a better quality antenna cable on the Acer Aspire VX15. This makes the reception of WiFi signals more sensitive, in addition to the performance of the Intel Dual Band 7265 802.11 a / c wireless-AC chip of course.

Upgrade Option, Battery & Power Adapter

The Aspire VX15 offers two RAM slots and an M.2 slot that already supports PCIe SSD. So still wide open improve the performance of this laptop from several sides.

RAM can go up to 32GB pc 2400MHz, while its M2 slot can accommodate up to 512GB SSD.

Unique, Acer includes a hidden button, this works the same as removing the battery. It is useful to forcibly terminate the current if one day encounters Hang or BSOD condition.

VX15 equipped with a battery capacity of 52.5Wh, when we do charging testing, takes time much faster until the full condition than the previous series V Nitro. FYI, VX15 power adapter powered 120 Watt with standard thin model like other Taiwan brand.

Performance & Temperature

Acer aspire VX15 comes with two GPU options, GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti.

For our existing review unit, we use GTX 1050 GPU. This makes them equivalent to Gigabyte Saber 15, MSI GL62m 7RDX and Asus ROG GL553VD. Which makes it slightly behind in overall performance, is the use of 5400rpm HDD.

Acer applying the ‘dual fan cooling system’ to the rear, was forced to displace the ODD (Optical disk drive) on the Acer Aspire VX 15. This makes the VX15 cooler performance slightly better than Saber 15 and ROG GL553VD. But still under MSI GL62m with 5 for heatpipe which is laptop GTX 1050 with best performance cooling system at this time. Automatically, the motherboard layout also uses a square concept. The exact position is just below the keyboard.

When used, the area that is the most dominant source of heat is predictable, located in the middle of the keyboard.

The ‘palm rest’ area on the right also often feels warm because it is just above the HDD area. But because it still uses 5400rpm HDD, the heat is not too fast to ride as in Gigabyte Saber 15.


Back again to the product segment, for the $ 1000 price range, the Aspire VX15 has the most attractive design offer. In addition, the keyboard and touchpad is one of the most comfortable used for this category of laptops.

For the panel is not yet IPS, but offers a slightly better quality than the Inspiron 7567 panel.

With the price of a thousand dollars, the biggest temptation to not choose VX15 only in Gigabyte Saber 15 and Asus FX553VD. But who already love with the design, it should not be a problem to think about.

Acer Aspire VX15 VX5-591G is a 15.6 inch laptop with GTX 1050 with the most stunning look!


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