These 6 Professional Laptop for Your Business Mobility

The digital world makes the workers also participated in following the rapid tempo and development. Some companies even allow their employees to work out of the office for the sake of reasons of efficiency and effectiveness.

We can see some people are busy working on their respective laptops in cafes, coworking space, or a hangout other equipped with the Internet. With this high mobility, professionals need a working device such as a laptop that is not only portable but still able to support their productivity.

Tech in Asia has picked out some business laptops which you can use to support your productivity. The graphics performance of each laptop is probably not reliable as laptop gaming, but the battery life is longer and more compact form, a number of business laptops we recommend very suitable to work whenever and wherever.

This list will continue to be updated with the newest line of business laptops from each brand. Make sure you have marked ( bookmark ) this page to get the latest information.

Lenovo ThinkPad T460

As the successor of the original owner of the ThinkPad line, Lenovo still continues with business-class laptop as their commitment to bring the product tough and powerful. The main advantage of the ThinkPad T460 is the durability of the batteries is very long. If you choose a model that uses a six-cell battery, the ThinkPad T460 can last up to more than seventeen hours before it must be the power again.


The performance is also quite interesting. Using Intel Core i5-6200U speed up to 2.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM, a hard disk of 500 GB, and Intel HD520 graphics card onboard, this laptop will help you complete each task with ease. The presence of Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that is integrated with it to make your data secure when a laptop was stolen.

TPM technology will prevent other users to be able to access the hard disk you on another PC, due to content that has been encrypted. Content can only be opened in the original laptop hard disk such. Other security features such as fingerprint sensors will also make your data is always secure in the hand.

Apple Macbook Air 13

Ah, the hell Apple is definitely included in the list, you might think so. However, there is the only reason why we included the 2015 edition of the MacBook Air in this list.

First, the battery life. MacBook Air became the mainstay of most employees Tech in Asia due to the durability of the battery is exceptional. In a state of normal use, the MacBook Air can last up to fourteen hours of use.

Second, the performance of the system. Opens dozens of tabs in a browser while listening to Spotify and edit photos with Photoscape is not an obstacle for this ultraportable laptop. With the Intel Core i5 processor speed of 1.7 GHz, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD is super fast, multitasking becomes more easy and convenient.

The only drawback of the MacBook Air is the sharpness of the screen that spelled out already “obsolete”. When another ultraportable laptop has a resolution of Full HD 1080p as the standard display, MacBook Air still uses 1440 × 900. But for some people, this resolution is still quite comfortable to use work every day with a fairly good brightness highlighted even though sunlight.

Xiaomi Mi Air Notebook

Known for products smartphone cheap and quality, Xiaomi is also not to be outdone in the competitive arena of ultraportable laptops with the release of Xiaomi Mi Air Notebook. The first laptop made by Xiaomi has two variants, a 12.5-inch with Intel Core m3 and 13.3-inch which is powered by an Intel Core i5. At first glance, both models are similar to the MacBook from Apple, even without the apple logo on the back.

With a lightweight, SSDs are faster, and the battery life is long enough to make Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air as an attractive alternative for the human being productive that have high mobility. Unfortunately, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air does not yet have an official guarantee in Indonesia, which will make it difficult for you when you want to take advantage of after-sales service.

HP Elitebook Folio G1

The portable business laptop praise at CES 2016 deserves to be one of the choices. Premium design that seemed to characterize the HP Elitebook Folio G1 is intended for entrepreneurs as well as people who are concerned with the quality of products.

Reinforced with m Core series processors and the sixth generation 8 GB of RAM, the HP Elitebook Folio G1 has superior performance and exceptional battery life. In addition, the weight is only weighing one kilogram enable users to carry it anywhere and work comfortably.

Talking business laptop, to be sure of data security and physical toughness should get the main beam. HP Elitebook Folio G1 reinforced with HP Sure Start security system with Dynamic Protection, which protects BIOS from damage. In addition, Windows 10 Pro also allows the layered authentication to secure access to the data. The presence of biometric authentication via Windows Hello will also prevent access ignorant hands on this laptop.

With its small size, does not make the HP Elitebook Folio G1 frail impressed. Various tests have been conducted to test the toughness of this laptop, to have gone through MIL-STD 810G testing which makes it ready for you to take it to any field, as long as careful not to splash into the water.

Lenovo Z50-75

In contrast to other business laptops. Lenovo Z50-75 is a versatile laptop that you can use to work at once to enjoy various multimedia content, or even playing a game. The relatively affordable price tag also can be an attractive alternative for you who have a limited budget but want to have a reliable business laptop.

With the AMD FX-7500 processor speed of 2.1 GHz, 4 GB RAM, and a graphics card onboard AMD Radeon R7-M260 2 GB, all activities are undertaken on this laptop is easy and convenient. However, Lenovo Z50-75 own design, as well as the quality of material, is somewhat unusual, especially when compared to some other laptops in this list.

Lenovo Z50-75 has a price tag of less than Rp10 million, so not much can you expect at the view outside. In addition, the weight of 2.5 kg is also probably not for everyone because it is less practical to carry everywhere.


Acer E5 575G-74E2

Present as an alternative to the above Z50-75 Lenovo, Acer E5 575G-74E2 can also be one laptop that you consider inappropriate. Powered by an Intel Core i7 6500U, 8 GB RAM, and a graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 940MX 2 GB, you can easily perform any job, anytime, and anywhere.

Saturated work? You can play the game the most in the laptop is reasonably well-course, after adjusting various graphic settings.

Z50-75 with Lenovo, Acer 575G-74E2 E5 also has a price tag in the range of 10 million draws down. Prices were relatively affordable compared to other dream business laptop make it right for workers who have limited funds.

Compared with Lenovo Z50-75, this laptop has a better performance thanks to the Intel Core i7 processor and GeForce graphics card uses. However, you still can not expect the graphics performance of PCs in general.

Designed specifically for an economical laptop, you can not expect the quality of material that “wow”. Plastic materials dominate this laptop with some design accents the brushed metal that enhance your appearance. The weight of Acer E5 575G-74E2 weighing 2.3 kg will also make you a little less convenient to carry it everywhere.

There are many more laptop other businesses that have not entered into this list because it is not available in the country, or indeed the price tag is still too expensive.

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