Whats the difference Old vs New CPU Generation

A friend ask CPU Comparison Celeron N3350 Pentium T4500:

I have a laptop from 2011/2012 with a Pentium T4500 . According to the cpubenchmark.net site, this CPU has a benchmark value of 1339. I had then paid 299 euros.
For the same money I get today for example a HP notebook with Celeron N3060 processor. But according to cpubenchmark.net, this CPU has a benchmark value of only 980.

That means that today I get for the same money no more but even less power. Or what are the advantages of the “newer” Celeron?

The answer is:

Benchmark is only a performance comparison for computing operations.

The new CPU (N3060) is enormous power saving and has integrated diverse (eg MMU, sound, etc) in the CPU. In addition, the device supports up to 8GB of RAM (I think your T4500 has a maximum of 4GB).

Yes, that’s the point. More computing operations means that programs start faster, that calculations such as image or video processing are faster, that games run faster, etc. And that’s what computers are for the most part, right?
What brings me 8 GB Ram versus 4 or MMU when the processor is lame? And the sound with the T4500 also has.

I will not buy both because I have the T4500 already and that since exactly 02.2012, thus approximately 5.5 years. I had simply only interested what I get today for 300 euros. The power savings is, of course, imens, but that today I am for the same money nothing more than “only” the power savings at the same power, I was surprised. I do not want to talk about the electricity savings, which is already very good and important, but I expected something more.
On the other hand, it shows that the computer market for Internet and office applications, simple image and video editing as well as video streaming such as Netflix, Sky Go, Amazon Prime etc.,

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