Western Digital: Red and Red Pro series up to 10TB

WD has extended the NAS hard drives of the Red series with models with up to 10 terabytes.

The Red and Red Pro hard drives are now available with a storage space size of up to 10 terabytes. The latest models, as with all 10-TB hard drives, are models with a helium filling. The advantage of the helium filling is that the magnetic disks inside the hard disks are supplied with a lower pressure and the electronics require less force in order to transport the hard disks to the optimum rotational speed.

The positive effect of the helium filling is particularly noticeable in the case of the new 10-TB hard disks of the Red and Red Pro series. This is only 2.8 watts in idle mode and 6.2 watts in active reading or writing. The Red Series hard disks are equipped with 256 megabytes of cache and operate at a maximum of 5,400 revolutions per minute. The maximum transfer performance is specified as 210 megabytes per second. The models of the Red-Pro series go to work with 7,200 revolutions and arrive at a transfer power of up to 240 MB / s.

Currently, 10TB hard disk drives are only sold in the US. While a $ 500 price is called for the 10TB Red, the 10TB Red Pro is sale for $ 530.

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