Thermaltake Introduces New Premium Case

RGB is still a trend among technology manufacturers in Computex 2017. Even this year’s RGB lighting system that is presented now more sophisticated than ever. Similarly with Thermaltake that comes with a myriad of items that want to be introduced to the public is still with a touch of RGB of course with the latest technology.

At the opening ceremony of their booth at Computex 2017, Thermaltake also introduced their newest casing, the Thermaltake Level 20 Titanium (Concept Design) casing. Thermaltake latest casing is the successor of case level 10 which had previously been present first. Still carrying the design of the chamber, Thermaltake Level 20 Titanium (Concept Design) is now appearing more premium than its predecessor with a metal body material of silver-gray color, combined with 5mm thick Tempered Glass which adds the impression of exclusivity when the casing is paired with RGB Fan.

If you will see a lot of Hot-swap feature in Thermaltake Level 10 casing, on Thermaltake Level 20 Titanium casing you will be pampered with ease in applying custom water cooling. Like the Core P-Series chassis, this casing has space for you to put a large radiator and put a water reservoir inside this casing.

The latest case from Thermaltake is scheduled to be on display at Thermaltake booth located on 4th floor, Nangang Exhibition Center during Computex 2017 event, from 30th May to 3rd June 2017.

In addition to introducing their newest premium casing, Thermaltake also announced a PC casing modification competition titled 2017 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1, followed by modders from around the world, including from Southeast Asia represented by modder from Thailand and the Philippines.


In this competition, the modder was assigned to modify Thermaltake The Tower 900 casing into such a way, as did the USA modder, Ron Lee Christianson.

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